100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying | Life and elegance

1 Workout Monday night (nothing fun happens on Monday night).

2 On the fence about buying? Wait 72 hours before buying it.

3 Tip: The fastest supermarket queue is always behind the full cart (greeting, paying and packing takes longer than you think).

4 Bring fruit to work. Bring the fruit to bed!

5 Consider getting down to four days a week. A disproportionate amount will likely be taxed from your fifth day anyway, so you’ll lose less than a fifth of your paycheck.

6 Everyone has an emotional blind spot when they fight. Find out what is yours and remember it.

7 Plant spring bulbs, even if they are in a pot.

8 Send a voice note instead of a text; They look like little personal podcasts.

9 Keep a bird feeder by the window, preferably the kitchen. Time will pass when you wash up.

10 Always bring snow to house parties (there is never enough).

11 Get the lighting right: Turn off the overhead light, and turn on plenty of lights (but turn them off when you leave the room).

12 Sharpen your knives.

13 Feeling sluggish at work? Try the pomodoro technique: 25 minutes, five minutes rest, and repeat.

14 Buy an inexpensive blender and use it to chop the onions fine (save time and tears).

15 Keep your children’s drawings and paintings. Put the best in the tires.

16 Set aside 10 minutes a day to do something you really enjoy – whether that’s reading a book or playing Halo.

17 Don’t be curious about how your dishwasher stacks up.

18 Reuse all plastic bags – even bread bags. Many packaging that you cannot reuse can be taken to larger branches of the supermarket for recycling.

19 Take a picture of the mark you got when you left your coat in the toilet.

20 you can not sleep? Try a soothing lavender bath oil soak before bed.

21 Add milk at least 1 minute after steeping the tea.

22 Laugh shamelessly at your jokes.

23 It may sound obvious, but a pint of water before bed after a big night avoids the hustle and bustle of hangers.

24 Start a Saturday morning with some classical music – it sets the tone for a quiet weekend.

25 Look closely.

26 Set time limits for your applications. Just go to the settings on your smartphone and add a limit – for example, if you have an iPhone, turn on Screen Time.

27 If possible, go up the stairs.

28 Always be prepared to miss the next train.

29 Eat meat once a week maximum. Ideally less.

30 Be polite to rude strangers – it’s strangely exciting.

31 Ask questions and hear the answers.

32 Connect with Nature: Stand outside barefoot for a few minutes – even when it’s cold.

33 Join your local library – and use it. I’m looking for you here.

34 Go for a walk without your phone.

35 Eat salted butter (life is too short to be unsalted).

36 Stretching exercises in the morning. And maybe in the evening.

37 If you walk less than a mile, walk or cycle. Almost half of car trips are under two miles, but that gets more pollution than long trips because the engine hasn’t warmed up yet.

38 Sleep with your phone in a different room (and buy an alarm clock).

39 Send postcards from your vacation. Send them even if you are not on vacation.

40 Instead of buying new shoes, get the old shoes and buy new laces.

41 Factory purchase. Do you think you will kill him? Buy a fake one.

Illustration of a woman with Twitter birds attacking her from her phone

42 You don’t have Twitter on your phone.

43 If you find an item of clothing that you love and are sure to wear it forever, buy three.

44 Try to take a cool shower (30 seconds to 2 minutes) before a hot shower. It’s good for your health – both physically and mentally.

45 Text to say thank you.

46 Read a poem every day. Keep a summary, such as a poem for each day of the year, by your bed.

47 Take out your headphones when walking – listen to the world.

48 buy used.

49 Buy in person!

50 Learn how to use floss correctly.

51 If there is something in the world that makes you angry, write (politely) to your deputy – he will read it.

52 Say hello to your neighbors.

53 Learn the basics of repairing your clothes.

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54 Always bring something – wine, flowers – to a dinner/birthday party, even if they refuse to.

55 Learn the names of 10 trees.

56 Call an old friend all of a sudden.

57 Every now and then, search your email for the word “unsubscribe” and then use it on as many people as possible.

58 Buy a newspaper. (Ideally this one.)

59 Always candy.

60 Drop your shoulders.

61 Make something from scratch. It works best if it’s something you buy normally, like a dress or a bag.

62 Go to bed early – but don’t take your phone with you.

63 volunteering. Go to gov.uk/government/get-involved for ideas.

64 Dry the cutlery with a cloth (keep it shiny).

65 Instead of buying your morning coffee, set up a daily transfer of £2 from a checking account to a savings account and ignore it. Use it to treat yourself to something different later.

66 Don’t save things for the “best”. wear them – enjoy With them.

67 sing!

Illustration of a fully curved man sitting in an office chair at a desk

68 Think about your posture: do not slack, do not cross your legs.

69 Hang your clothes. Perfect on non-wired hangers (best for them).

70 Dipping with friends.

71 Turn off your phone on vacation (or at least delete your work email app).

72 Always use freshly ground pepper.

73 Thank the teacher who changed your life.

74 Respect your children.

75 Keep your keys in the same place.

76 Ditch the plastic cartons and find a milkman – The Modern Milkman has an extensive list.

77 Rent instead of buying a suit/dress for your upcoming wedding (even if it’s your own).

78 Always book an extra day after the holiday.

79 Ignore the algorithm – listen to music outside of your usual taste.

80 Mute or leave a group chat on WhatsApp.

81 Learn the TikTok dance (but don’t post it on TikTok).

82 Cook something you’ve never tried before.

83 Join a local garbage picking group.

84 Hand wash that thing you’ve never cleaned.

85 Don’t get a pet / Get a pet.

86 a nap.

87 Learn how to breathe deeply: in through the nose, and exhale through the mouth, making the exhale longer than the inhale.

88 Buy a bike and use it. Find out how to fix it too.

89 Politely decline invitations if you don’t want to go.

90 If you go, you have an exit strategy (can we recommend a French exit, where you get away with the invisible).

91 If in doubt, add cheese.

92 Don’t look at your phone at dinner.

93 Do that one thing you’ve been putting off.

94 Praise widely and freely.

95 Set up an affordable standing order for a charity. RNLI and Greenpeace come to mind…

Illustration of a person holding an open bag in front of him with a book inside

96 Keep a book in your bag to avoid the temptation to scroll.

97 Listen to the albums you loved when you were a teenager.

98 Make friends from a different generation.

99 Staying at a friend’s house? Strip the bed in the morning.

100 For instant delight, wear yellow.

This article was inspired by a similar exercise published in The Weekend in January 2000. See original list at theguardian.com/100-tips-from-2000

This Article was amended on January 2, 2022 to remove the advice in point 23 which does not apply in all circumstances.

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