15 images scientists want to use to tell aliens about Earth

In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager probes into space – they still exist and are outside the solar system, but communication with them has already begun to be lost. Scientists sent them into space with the hope that one day they will be in the hands of alien civilizations and aliens will learn about our existence. To tell the aliens about humanity, the authors of the project attached golden discs with sounds and images to the spacecraft – the case contains a schematic instruction for playing this content. The recorded sounds are presented in the form of greetings in different languages ​​of the world, animal voices and music of different genres and times. There are only 116 images, among which there are DNA division systems, the birth of a child and much more. As part of this article, we suggest you look at the twenty most interesting photographs that may one day be seen of alien beings.

Humanity sends messages to aliens, and one day they can be read

Voyager gold record

To begin with, let us briefly understand the characteristics of the golden plate intended for aliens. The disk has a diameter of about 30 centimeters and is covered with a layer of gold – this is necessary so that the plate does not rust under the influence of cosmic dust. The record is also packaged in an aluminum case, inside which there is also a phonograph capsule, as well as a needle for playing the record. On the surface of the case there is an instruction that explains in pictures that the needle must be applied to the surface of the disc. It also specifies the speed at which to listen to recordings and how to convert video signals to an image.

Voyager gold record.  Voyager gold record.  A photograph.

Voyager gold record

Аппараты «Вояджер» скоро выключатся. Как они повлияли на науку?

Photographs on Voyager’s Golden Disc

The golden disc contains 116 photographs, the purpose of which is to tell aliens about life on Earth in as much detail as possible. Some of these photographs are not available to the public, but are known to relate to human anatomy, technology, cultural features of different countries, and so on. We’ll talk about how to view the available images from the Voyager gold disc below. Now let’s look at the most interesting of them.

First of all, it is worth showing a photograph of our planet – aliens must know where the message came from? The image shows the diameter of the Earth, 12,756 kilometers. This is necessary for aliens to understand how big it is.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Photography of the Earth.  A photograph.

Earth photography

Scientists decided that it would be interesting for aliens to know how life arises on Earth. So they wrote a diagram of how a sperm enters an egg on a disc. Also on the plate are drawings of the fetus, the silhouette of a man and a pregnant woman, images of animals and a visual explanation of the hunt. The scientists did not forget the map of the continents – all this is schematic, so we will not attach all the pictures.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Penetration of sperm into the egg.  A photograph.

Penetration of sperm into the egg

Another interesting photo on the Voyager plate is an image of the Australian island of Heron. Why researchers chose this small piece of land is unknown.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Australian Heron Island.  A photograph.

Australian Heron Island

The photo of runners deserves special attention. In the foreground of the picture is the Soviet athlete Valery Borzov.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Runners led by Valery Borzov.  A photograph.

Runners led by Valery Borzov

The leaders of the Voyager mission wanted to clearly show the diversity of planet Earth. One of the images shows a man from Guatemala, a country in Central America with a population of over 17 million people.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Unidentified man from Guatemala.  A photograph.

Unidentified man from Guatemala

Education is an important part of every person’s life. Therefore, one of the pictures shows a Chinese school – a teacher explaining something to one of his students.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Chinese school.  A photograph.

Chinese school

Where do we go almost every day? Someone will say to study, work and so on, but the correct answer is to go to the supermarket. Researchers felt it was important to show this part of human life.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Supermarkets are one of the most visited places by people.  A photograph.

Supermarkets are one of the most visited places by people

In the next picture, at first glance, something strange is going on. But this is just a demonstration of different ways of eating: licking, biting and drinking.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Demonstration of how people eat.  A photograph.

Demonstration of how people eat

Most modern people live in apartment buildings – scientists decided to show aliens this too. It’s true that for some reason they chose a night shot.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Apartment building.  A photograph.

Apartment building

The researchers felt it was important to show an X-ray image of a human hand. On the one hand, this is a detail about our anatomy, on the other hand, a demonstration of technology.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  X-ray of a human hand.  A photograph.

X-ray of a human hand

Of course not without pictures of cars. Today, there are thousands of brands of transport equipment in the world, and they all move on the roads, according to the established rules. Aliens must know about this.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Road with cars.  A photograph.

road with cars

Nobody forgot about airplanes either – one of the photographs shows a plane taking off.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Aircraft at the time of take-off.  A photograph.

Airplane takes off

Music has a special place in human life. Music was recorded on Voyager’s gold disc, but how are aliens supposed to understand what instruments are playing? As an example, a photo of a cello with sheet music was included.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Cello with sheet music.  A photograph.

Cello with sheet music

The Voyager spacecraft were sent into space using a Titan IIIE rocket car with a Centaurus upper stage. One of the photographs shows the launch of this rocket.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Launch of the Titan IIE launch vehicle.  A photograph.

Launch of the launch vehicle Titan IIIE

The first people aliens will see may be astronauts. Therefore, researchers have recorded on a sign an image of a man in a space suit, who is in outer space.

Photographs on Voyager's gold disc.  Man in outer space.  A photograph.

man in outer space

To see other public domain images recorded on the Voyager disc, check out NASA’s website.

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Finally, it is worth noting that in the future, scientists want to send a new message to aliens. Experts believe that this is a very risky business – other civilizations may be hostile, and this will lead to disaster. If you want details, read this article.

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