A selection of documentaries from the WATCH platform to honor Cosmonautics Day

On April 12, 1961, a man flew into space for the first time in history: Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin revolutionized the earth. On Cosmonautics Day, we offer you to watch exciting films about man’s conquest of the depths of our universe. From them, the viewer can learn about the first flights and emergencies that the astronauts were in. Thanks to the projects from the TV channel Russia 1, you can find answers to many questions about the universe and astronautics and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of stars and planets. All movies are available on the “Watch” media platform:

  • “Why is not the moon made of cast iron?” – the film reveals the answer to the academic Peter Kapitsa’s seemingly playful question.
  • “Sputnik. Russian miracle” – unknown pages about the creation and launch of the first Earth satellite are revealed. Scientists, designers, testers – those who created this “Russian miracle” – tell about their once top secret work.
  • “Alexey Leonov. Jump into space” – the first person to go into space. He was the first person to set foot on the surface of the moon. The film presents rare chronicle films from his space walk, and also talks about what really was the closed “lunar program”?
  • “Women’s Space” – will tell about the cosmic achievements of the fair sex
  • “Star Diaries. Chronicle of overcoming” – the incredible story of cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin, who spent 184 days in orbit as part of an expedition to the Soviet-Russian station “Mir” in 1997. The story of the most difficult flight in the history of manned astronautics : a fire at the station, a collision of a space car, pressure drop, toxic ethylene glycol and lack of oxygen are just some of the problems that stood in the way of astronauts
  • “Space flight. Mission to Mars” is not a fairy tale or fantasy, but a thought experiment: what happened to Mars 3-4 billion years ago, when it was a flourishing world.
  • “Three days by Yuri Gagarin. And all his life” – the preparation of the first flight, the flight itself and Gagarin’s solemn meeting are restored in the film.
  • “Space debut of Valentina Tereshkova” – an exclusive interview with Tereshkova about how the flight was prepared and what loads she had to endure on earth and in space.
  • “Space. Homecoming” – a documentary tells how space search and rescue efforts work.


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