A selection of series about adventures in space

Hello to all space adventurers and lovers of dreaming about distant stars! No, not the ones from glossy magazines or scandalous videos on video hosting sites. And most things that are neither real nor enticing from distant space.

Twenty years ago, before the tsunami of comic book mania hit the world, science fiction did not fare well on the small screen. Yes, full-length films were shot quite actively, we can talk about their quality separately, but with episodic shows, everything was completely darker.

Of course, you can immediately remember greetings from the past – “Babylon-5”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “Star Trek”, “Stargate” and even something without mentioning the stars in the title, but there were few of them, and the viewer and he had to be completely content with what he had and how he had to, how he was and with what he had.

Then followed years of development in terms of access to high-speed Internet and local and urban networks, and of course more spacious media appeared in free circulation. Around the same time, the fever for the hit “Lost” (Lost) began and lasted for several years, and the inhabitants of many countries finally tried the format of extended stories on a variety of topics and for all tastes.

Against the background of increased interest in comics, more and more projects rolled off the assembly line, the cost of filming and production fell sharply, while the manufacturability and quality level of special effects increased.

It was time to tackle science fiction.

In recent years, a large number of shows have come out in this genre with very blurred boundaries, but we will devote this selection specifically to the adventures of the crews in the future.

And in order not to make fans of such universes as nervous as, for example, “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”, let’s agree immediately that we will, so to speak, take them out of brackets and not consider them.

Space / Expanse / The Expanse

2015 – 2022, 6 seasons

One of the collection’s heavyweights, created on the basis of a series of books by Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank, who wrote under the common pseudonym James Corey.

An excellent example of high-quality sci-fi, maintained in the classic traditions of the genre. The plot turns well over time, and the story takes a completely new turn, a hint if it wasn’t there at the beginning.

In the future, Earthlings colonized our entire system, but settled mainly on Earth, Mars, and the habitable asteroid belt, and such terrestrial resources as air and water are valued above all else. What begins when an asteroid detective and a surviving spaceship member meet develops into a story of planetary-scale scandals, intrigue and investigation, and the involvement of something far more dangerous and unknown to mankind.

Orville / The Orville

2017 – …, 3 seasons

A fun parody of Star Trek with recognizable references to other known universes.

The project was developed by Seth MacFarlane, known for “Family Guy”, “American Dad”, “The Cleveland Show” and “The Third Extra”. Sett also played the title role.

A very light series that not only has a consistent plot, but also constantly tells new stories that, if not always causing laughter, can sometimes bring a smile and relax.

Ed Mercer becomes the captain of the research vessel Orville, a member of the Planetary Union fleet. As in the original that the series references, the characters will encounter different life forms, travel through worlds, take on command missions… but often find themselves in uncomfortable situations and learn to solve problems. They will constantly encounter misunderstandings both in personal relationships with other crew members and in attempts to establish contact with other civilizations with excellent cultural values.

Killjoys / Killjoys / Killjoys

2015-2019, 5 seasons

John and his partner Dutch work for the Detention and Reclamation Coalition (CDR) as bounty hunters in the non-elite Quadro sector. Coincidentally, Jon’s brother, an ex-military D’avin, joins them. The runaway trio, in company with the ship’s jealous AI system, soon find themselves in a looming conflict. Unbeknownst to her, Dutch learns details about her past and becomes a trick girl (no, not like that!) for the whole team.

Space adventurers and a girl with a twist clean up the trash in the sectors and get to know each other, not forgetting to regularly check the humor.

The project, which started as something quite simple, eventually gains scope and scale, but it is probably far from a space opera.

Lost in Space / Lost in Space

2018-…, 3 seasons

It is based on the 1965 series of the same name (the film was also released in 1998).

Might be good to show to kids.

A story about trust, mutual help, deception and, of course, friendship. Even with an unfamiliar battle robot.

It may seem a little naive, but with the seasons, circumstances change and new characters appear, complicating the story a little, but not overwhelming.

The Robinsons, having passed the necessary tests, are sent to explore and colonize a suitable planet. After suffering a disaster, the ship is far from where it was planned. Trying to survive in an unknown world and must return, having a suspicious hare fellow traveler on board and making a new acquaintance, which resembles a battle robot of unknown origin.

Cowboy Bepop / Cowboy Bepop

2021 season 1

An adaptation of the anime of the same name (a manga was also released).

A dynamic and stylish series, with unusual musical accompaniment and in the environment of a space western.

Another bounty hunter story.

Mike Spiegel, a former member of the crime syndicate Red Dragon, together with his partner Jet Black, a retired police officer, hunt down criminals of varying degrees of insanity and make new bright friends. To say a little more about the plot is to go through all the episodes at once.

The series caused an extremely mixed reaction from the audience, perhaps due to looking back at the original source, but it is absolutely worth watching, even if the title is not associated with the original in any way.

Still, if you like the atmosphere of the first 2-3 episodes, you will definitely not be disappointed by the darker and harsher ending of the last series.

Dark Matter / Dark Matter / Dark Matter

2015-2017, 3 seasons

Adaptation of the series of the same name. Despite the rather ordinary plot and all the usual features of a space action film, the story can captivate and add questions. As a result, it will not do without the soul-searching and development of characters “over the course of the play”.

Six people who don’t know each other emerge from stasis to find the Raz ship, on which they awoke from suspended animation, badly damaged. The situation is complicated by a complete loss of memory. After assigning a serial number to each sleeping cabin and reassuring the only inhabitant of the ship besides them – a female android, the heroes discover that each of them has special skills that have nothing to do with civilian life. It’s becoming clear that corporate warfare is going on all around, and a skilled crew is even on the wanted list of criminals.

Frankly, I would like to see more modern series that fall under the agreed topic of the collection, but perhaps there are not so many stories about teams of adventurers plowing cold space and wiping the floors of their spaceships even well – the viewer does not have time to overfeed with a simple string and stamping.

In the meantime, let’s hope that somewhere far away, preparatory work is already underway to create, if not a sequel to Firefly, then at least its spiritual successor.

On this, let’s land and maybe we still have to go into space in the future and let’s hope that we with the team are as lucky as the heroes of the series of the compilation!

Cheer up, keep the weapons above your head and always check the condition of the couch power shields!


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