Affects the display of content with LGBT propaganda the choice of sexual orientation in children – psychologist

Cartoon “Buzz Lightyear” caused serious criticism in 14 countries around the world. This drawing was accused of alleged LGBT propaganda. In Kazakhstan, this history did not go unnoticed. Psychologist Oksana Gulak told whether such content affects the choice of sexual orientation.

The sci-fi adventure film Buzz Lightyear is scheduled to be released in Kazakhstan on July 14, 2022. Whether this animation will reach the big screen is a big question.

Cartoon “Buzz Lightyear” (6+) from the creators of Toy Story. This is a story about the fictional appearance of the original story of Buzz Lightyear, who heroically crosses outer space, where adventure and friends await him.

Adults, including those in our country, were embarrassed by a second scene from an animated film. Where a kiss on the lips of two female cartoon characters provoked harsh criticism.

In 14 countries in the Middle East, such as Egypt, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria and others, this cartoon is forbidden to be shown for the reason stated above. A ban on renting is also sought in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh psychologist Oksana Gulak sort out the hype caused by the discussion about the propaganda of LGBT groups in the content of the production of Western film production.

“After watching this episode, I got the impression that more was said about this scene than the actual kissing episode lasts,” the specialist explains.

According to the psychologist, this heated discussion suggests that the subject of sexuality causes many fears in adults themselves. And any kind of sexuality – heterosexuality, bisexuality or homosexuality. If we relate this subject to Dr. Freud’s teaching, in his opinion, a person has driving forces both for the opposite sex and for his own similar sex. But most often sympathy for a same-sex person is forced away from us and becomes less realized. But every person has it, and that does not mean that it is active, that it shows itself in action, but it can simply be at the level of emotions and experiences.Psychologist Oksana Gulak

The psychologist believes that adults’ fear of the cartoon is greatly exaggerated. Much adult talk about this episode with the kiss of two female characters suggests that they are driven by fear of their sexual impulses.

– We know how the subject of homosexuality in men causes a certain phobic factor. As a rule, men can hug each other or show affection only in cases of intoxication. In other cases, such manifestations are considered something shameful, says Oksana Gulag.

By nature, children and young people explore their sexuality. For example, in adolescence, when they show interest in the opposite sex, and at the same time some form of insecurity arises. And before they decide to approach an object of the opposite sex, it is easier for them to establish contact with a teenager of the same sex, but that does not mean that they are homosexual. It’s just that simple – guys know guys, girls know girls. This is for them as an experiment, as a practice, as a study before moving on to heterosexual relationships. It’s, it was, it’s just that they did not talk about it openly, they are still afraid to talk about it and discuss it. Young people themselves are reluctant to contact their parents when they see that there are moralistic principles in the family. As much as people would like to control our sphere of emotions and sexuality, it will never be completely under our control.Oksana Gulak

Seeing such scenes in a movie or cartoon cannot make a child definitely gay.

This will show him more that there are other relationships between adults. Perhaps this will even help the child alleviate feelings of guilt, especially in such cases when they are experimenting with feelings for their peers of the same sex.

– Seeing such content in itself is not an injection of homosexuality. Just like watching movies with an aggressive and violent act does not mean that a person will become a maniac or a murderer. Therefore, I see no reason to worry here, the psychologist explains.

Of course, for Kazakhstan, with its mentality, this is something new, and therefore, like everything new, it causes fear in adults. For such content shows more of a feeling of freedom, and freedom is often very frightening, because it seems that everything is out of control, that children will become, for example, homosexuals or something. It seems to adults that we should keep all our emotions in a short leash, and the cartoon in question extends this leash accordingly.Oksana Gulak

– It’s more about what questions children and teenagers may have after seeing such content. And it may well be that this fear is due to the fact that adults simply do not know how to talk about sexuality with their children. It is by no means common for us to discuss this, it is considered something dirty, which you must be silent about, the expert emphasizes.

Although this is a very important area in our lives, and perhaps such cartoons / movies confront us – parents – with our sexuality, with how we perceive it.

How to talk about it with our children, in what tone, what words we will use and what the child will hear verbally and non-verbally from us adults.

By the way, the more we are afraid of something and forbid it, the more it arouses interest and curiosity.

It must be understood that the child in one way or another will still find what he is interested in.

It is very important for adults to watch the child after watching such a cartoon. Maybe he will ask a question, and at the same time you should not focus on it yourself. An adult needs to learn to take this in stride and answer children’s questions about all the different emotions between people and different sexual orientations.Psychologist Oksana Gulak

– The very fact that adults communicate with children or teenagers in a trusting and calm way, such a conversation calms, reduces anxiety or excessive interest in a teenager to intentionally seek this type of content in secret from their parents. Children feel the need to talk to adults in this way. If parents can not explain this for any reason, it is important to find a competent person, a specialist who can easily clarify the understanding of this issue, the expert concluded.

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