All-Russian festival SCIENCE 0+ starts in October in Moscow and regions

In a month, events will begin within the framework of the All-Russian festival SCIENCE 0+ – one of the largest educational projects in the field of popularization of science in the world and one of the key events within the framework of the Decade of Science and Technology. The festival takes place annually from October to November in 80 regions of our country in more than 400 locations.

The festival is organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow represented by the Department of Education and Science of the City of Moscow, Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov with the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov:”Over the years, the SCIENCE 0+ festival has become one of the most important platforms for the popularization of science. This year, its holding is particularly significant in the status of one of the flagship events of the Decade of Science and Technology, which was launched at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. People of all ages, including youth and children, will be able to see the development of Russian scientists with their own eyes, participate in online and offline events. It is on them that the fate of our country depends, it is no coincidence that the theme of the festival this year sounds like “Creating the Future”. It is important that its audience and the geography of participants grow along with the festival. This year, citizens of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Uzbekistan will become full participants in the intellectual space of the festival. The number of meeting places in countries outside the CIS will also increase, for example in China“.

In 2022, the theme of the festival is “Creating the Future”. Now we can not only study the world around us, but also change it for ourselves. You can find out exactly how this happens during interactive popular science exhibits, virtual laboratories, exciting science shows, discussions about the future of humanity, science films, robot competitions, quizzes, missions and much more as part of the SCIENCE 0+ festival.

The program of the event meets the goals and objectives of several landmark projects launched in 2022 simultaneously. This year has been declared the International Year of Basic Science for Sustainable Development to showcase the critical role that basic science plays in sustainable development around the world. A particularly striking example was humanity’s struggle with the coronavirus pandemic. Now, basic science can become something that will unite people around the world, regardless of the circumstances. Also in 2022, the decade of science and technology in Russia began, whose events (including the All-Russian science festival SCIENCE 0+ as one of the most important) are designed to attract talented young people to the field of research, awareness of the country’s citizens about the achievements and prospects of Russian science, and also involve researchers and developers in solving the most important tasks for the development of society and the country.

Rector of Moscow University Academician Viktor Sadovnichy:”The science festival at Moscow State University is a very significant project for me personally. Almost two decades ago, Moscow University stood at the origin of this great idea – to tell people about what science is today, how it helps to make the world around us better. From a small event within the university, the project has grown into a large-scale movement, interactive formats within which attract people from all over the country and even the world. The festival fulfills an important mission of dialogue with society and raises its awareness of key trends in the world of science. From year to year, the festival gathers a multi-million audience of those who sincerely want to expand the horizons of knowledge and discover new opportunities for self-realization. This year we will try not to deceive the expectations of both the friends of the festival and those who come to its premises for the first time.“.

In Moscow, the festival will be held from October 7 to 9 at the sites of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Zaryadye Park, Expocentre, universities, museums and research centers, where researchers and representatives of leading technology companies will show their latest developments. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in eight themes.

Exhibitions on the topic “UNIVERSE” will clearly show how fragile life is on our planet, show the opportunities that the surrounding outer space gives us, as well as what problems are solved during large international projects.

MATTER» covers all perspectives that the development of new materials provides. The creation of unique medical materials, alloys for future technology and common household items are just a small part of what we can get.

Related events “LIFE, LIVING SYSTEMS” understandable and close to each of us. But we still do not know all the wealth of nature around us and what is created within the walls of the laboratories for the benefit of humanity.

There are so few simple things on earth, and that is wonderful. “COMPLEXITY“- this is what makes our world so interesting and full of mysteries. It is everywhere: in the smallest cells, organisms, modern cities, computers and models that predict the future.

BRAIN” is unique in that many people study it, but still cannot solve all the riddles. However, our experts are ready to share the amazing discoveries and developments that have already been made, as well as to reflect on what the future looks like for our most energy-demanding organ and how it can be improved.

HEALTH” is the most important thing in our life. At thematic events, you can not only check your condition, but also learn a lot about what determines it and how you can feel better. No quackery, just science and evidence-based medicine!

Everything exists thanks toENERGY” in its various manifestations, including very unusual ones, as if they came out of science fiction films and books. However, the new energy future is very close – come and see for yourself.

What defines us? Story? Technology? Training? Body structure? Or perhaps something that has absorbed all of this, -“SOCIETY“? At the current exhibitions, the audience learns how we became who we are and what awaits us.

Follow the information on the official website of the All-Russian Science Festival SCIENCE 0+.

Information provided by the press service of the All-Russian Festival SCIENCE 0+

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