Ancient secrets of aliens and men in the mountains: see the November premieres from TV channels History HD and HISTORY 2

In September, TV viewers on the History HD channel will not be left without exciting and sometimes shocking documentary series – in the fall we are waiting for new projects and fresh seasons of already familiar programs. TV channels History HD and History 2 available online and in good quality.

Tuesdays at 23:00, History HD

The Colosseum is a symbol of the rise and fall of the great Roman Empire. In the TV series “Colosseum” Rome’s history is presented based on people who fought and died in the arena. How did gladiator slaves live? How was the Colosseum built? How did Roman emperors use it to show their absolute power? Why did the Romans love bloody glasses so much? Each episode tells the story of one of eight key characters based on real historical figures. Artistic episodes, filmed in the best traditions of modern film historical reconstruction, are interspersed with comments by famous historians. You’ve never seen ancient Rome like this.

Weekdays, from 7 November at 18:45, History 2

It’s time to take another look at our old universe. By unraveling its secrets, we discover the secrets of the past and can partially predict the future. More than half a century has passed since man first went into space, and since then the study of the universe has been in full swing. Man looks into space with hope: if something happens to our Earth, we must look for a new home in the universe. Are there other planets suitable for human habitation, or is Earth truly unique? In each episode you will find fascinating stories about the latest astronomical discoveries, about the alleged structure of the universe and about scientists studying outer space.

Mondays, from 7 November at 21:00, Historia 2

Giorgio Tsoukalosa staunch supporter of the paleocontact theory and host of a popular program “Ancient Aliens”, has long become a star of the first magnitude. He is invited to lecture around the world and discuss issues raised in The Ancient Aliens. In the new series “Following the Aliens” Giorgio Tsoukalos continues to tell viewers about amazing phenomena, possibly related to the activities of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Wednesdays, from 9 November at 21:30, Historia HD

The creators of the series “Ancient Aliens” are still busy finding evidence that alien life exists and that aliens from outer space have visited Earth for a long time. From the groundbreaking news that the US government has set up a UFO research program, to the latest finds in the Pyramid of Cheops, each episode focuses on a different theme related to extraterrestrials. You are waiting for interviews with historians, archaeologists and ufologists. The show’s permanent presenter, Giorgio Tsoukalos, knows how to interest viewers.

Wednesdays, from 16 November at 22:15, Historia HD

There are still people in America who live “off the soil,” far from the benefits of civilization. Using ancient survival techniques, their knowledge of nature and the skills of hunters and trappers, they fully support themselves and their families. Life in the mountains: in the Appalachians, the Rockies and beyond, is a constant struggle. But according to the heroes of the show Men in the Mountains, this is real life.

Photo: History, History 2

Author: Ivan Gagarin

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