April 14 in Samara will host the final of the All-Russian festival “CosmoFest” 2022

On April 14, 2022, the Samara Rocket and Space Center “Progress” (Samara, Zemetsa St., 24A) will host the final stage of the V All-Russian Festival of Children and Youth Scientific and Technical Creativity “KosmoFest” 2022.

The festival is a creative event of a social nature, held to attract the attention of the public and the media to the subject of Russian cosmonautics, astronomy, to encourage preschoolers and young people to cognitive research and inventive activities, to maintain the younger generation’s interest in the professions of aviation and the rocket and space industry, the development of children’s creativity.

The theme for the 2022 festival is “Overcoming the gravity of the earth …”, dedicated to:

65th Anniversary of the Launch of the World’s First Artificial Earth Satellite,

115th anniversary of the birth of SP Queen,

165th anniversary of the birth of KE Tsiolkovsky.

Traditionally, the festival is held in two stages: electronic registration – from March 9 to March 11, 2022; evaluation of works – from 15 March to 31 March 2022 and summary of the festival’s results – 14 April 2022

The festival is attended by:

– Students aged 5-7 years by state, municipal, private education organizations that implement the main general education program for preschool education;

– children aged 5-7 years who do not attend preschool education organizations;

– Students aged 7–17 at general educational institutions for general education;

– teachers in educational organizations of all kinds;

parents (legal representatives) of minors.

As part of the festival’s final stage, participants will be rewarded with the following nominations:

Nominations for children and school children

“Cosmodrome” for preschoolers ages 5-7 and for schoolchildren ages 7-17.

– “FanClastic Bureau” for preschool children 6-7 years and school children 7-12 years.

– “Spacecraft: satellites in space” for preschoolers ages 6-7 and schoolchildren ages 7-17.

– “Next stop – Space!” for preschool children 5-7 years, school children 7-12 years.

Nominations for families with children:

– “Mysteries of Outer Space” for preschoolers ages 5-7, schoolchildren ages 7-12, parents.

– “Space laboratory” for preschool children 5-7 years, school children 7-12 years, parents.

Nominations for teachers in pre-school pedagogical organizations and organizations for upper secondary education:

– “KE Tsiolkovsky and SP Korolev: flights to other planets. Teachers at educational organizations of all kinds and methods with method development participate in the nomination.

– “With Fröbel out into space …”. Teachers in educational organizations of all kinds and types with master classes participate in the nomination.

Special nomination.

– “Conquer outer space” for preschool children aged 5-7, school children aged 7-17.

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