“Art in outer space” – a new exhibition in the capital

The Tretyakov Gallery and the MTS company open a digital exhibition of the creative and charity project “Generation M”. For several months, young artists mastered the theme “Art in Outer Space”. The best works are now presented in the building of the New Tretyakov Gallery.

What does art look like in outer space? Young participants in the creative charity project “Generation M” answer the question in different ways. Ten-year-old Sofia Almendeeva created an abstract painting with badgers.

“Well, here are two badgers, I do not know why, but I associate them with sleep. Well, when you sleep you can go wherever you want if you dream of it. And when you sleep you can imagine that you are in space , ”- said the participant in the project Sofia Almendeeva.

Ekaterina Rosenbaum from Rostov-on-Don has a different story. She tried to imagine what dark matter looks like.

“I decided to depict something that a person has never seen, this is dark matter. Our science is not yet so developed, but since our generation will most likely never see it, I decided to present it on But our science is moving forward, so I think that sooner or later we will find out what it all looks like, says Ekaterina Rosenbaum, a project participant.

For several months, guys from all over the country learned the skill online and sent their sketches. Based on the best works from 11 regions, the artist Rostan Tavasiev created a digital art object – an artistic model of the universe. But he emphasizes that it is the children who are the foremost here.

“I tried to remove myself as much as possible. In this case, I’m actually just a frame for a child’s drawing, and nothing more. This frame is just like a moving and backlit frame. We tried to be as careful as possible. with what the guys did, and just carefully translate their work into outer space “, explained the artist Rostan Tavasiev.

This is the third exhibition “Generation M”, held jointly by MTS and the Tretyakov Gallery. The main goal of the initiative is to create a new platform for implementation for gifted children from all over Russia.

“We support creative projects, because we understand that in the near future we will face major changes, many old projects, old professions become less relevant, replaced by modern technology, artificial intelligence, and the most important thing in people’s lives is creativity, the ability to change yourself, the ability to change the world around you, ”said MTS President Vyacheslav Nikolaev.

“This project gives a large number of children from all over the country the opportunity to try their hand, and it is very important that they have the opportunity to get lessons online and participate in this lesson online,” explained Zelfira Tregulova, Director General of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The organizers of the project hope that the young artists will very soon have personal exhibitions in the New Tretyakov Gallery.


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