At the suggestion of Russian scientists, a discussion on the exploration of the moon on an international scale will take place

The International Committee for Space Research COSPAR (Committee for Space Research) supported the proposal of Russian scientists to hold a panel discussion on scientific approaches to the exploration of the Moon as part of the 45th anniversary of the Scientific Assembly, which will be held in South Korea in 2024. This was reported by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“COSPAR supported the initiative of Russian scientists to hold an interdisciplinary session dedicated to the exploration of the Moon and circular space. COSPAR allows scientists from different scientific fields to exchange views on current issues of space exploration, and this has become the basis for the future joint work of the commissions “Life sciences in connection with space” and “Space research of the Earth-Moon system”, planets and small bodies in the solar system” »it says in the message.

RAS added that scientists and experts will discuss the problems associated with the effects of radiation, hypogravity, cosmic dust and other factors that a person will encounter during the exploration of the Moon. This is necessary to develop methods that reduce the risks to astronauts’ health. Elena Fomina, head of the Department of Physiology of Human Gravitational Stability and the Laboratory of Prevention of Hypogravitational Disorders at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, opened the panel discussion on the problems of lunar exploration.

“My colleagues invited me to be the head of this panel, which has already invited scientists from partner countries in the International Space Station. From the Russian side, confirmed the scientific director of the Institute of Space Research, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Lev Zeleny and director of the Institute of biomedical problems, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Orlov their participation. In my opinion, in today’s reality, it is very important that the proposal from the Russian side received the approval and support of the world scientific community. This indicates that Russian scientists retain their priority academic positions in space exploration.”– Fomina’s words are in the message.

The Committee for Space Research was established in 1958 on the initiative and within the framework of the International Council of Scientific Unions. Today, COSPAR is considered one of the most authoritative international non-governmental space organizations.


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