Is it true that the universe is not infinite?

“The fact that our universe is expanding was discovered almost a hundred years ago, but how exactly this happens, scientists realized only in the 90s of the last century, when powerful telescopes (including orbital ones) appeared and the era of accurate cosmology began. During observations and analysis of the data obtained, it turned out that … Read more

Space as a new territory of military clashes

Modern weapons do not work without space systems The new fundamentals of defense and the medium-term plan of defense policy, which are planned to be developed by the end of this year, should highlight cyberspace and outer space as separate important items. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also notes that “it is important to maintain excellence … Read more

Determination to Actively Use Space for Self-Defense: Japan’s Space Policy (1)

Continuing the 21st Century Sputnik Shock series, whose first seven issues dealt with China’s space strategy, we are devoting the next few issues to Japan’s space policy. Of the G7 countries, Japan is the latest to actively engage in the use of space for national defense. Let us consider Japan’s space policy, which is facing … Read more

The US declared space as its property

01.08.2022 09:59 (Updated: 2022-01-08 13:12) In recent years, the Americans have done everything to get their hands on space. Almost all employment contracts in this matter have either been terminated or declared obsolete. So space no longer belongs to all of humanity, but only to the United States with its closest allies and business partners … Read more

Into space without a rocket

Vitaly Egorov“Popular Mechanics” №3, 2018 As soon as man realized that he could leave the earth with the help of rockets, he began to look for ways to do without them. From fantastic works, these ideas moved to the drawing boards of designers. Alternative astronautics has developed in two ways: the creation of non-rocket or … Read more