Best vacations to book a year in advance

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Travel may open again for the summer, but if you’d rather start planning a trip abroad when things get back to normal, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve picked the best vacations to book now for 2022.

Ideal if you’re looking to avoid the hassles of quarantine and expensive check-in reports, our pick of the best 2022 flights is bigger and better than your average escape, making it well worth the wait: Consider having celebrity experts join you and holidays for special occasions.

From exploring Japan during scenic cherry blossom season to horseback riding through the Swiss Alps on the magical Glacier Express, these are the holidays to look forward to next year.

Whether you’re looking to take your UK stay to the next level, or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a faraway land, these advance holidays are the best for travel at home and abroad.

Why book a vacation in advance?

There are countless benefits to being an early bird. By booking your vacation in advance, you will give yourself something exciting to look forward to in the future, especially if you are planning to travel when an amazing natural event occurs.

Trips to Japan during cherry blossom season are popular for a reason, and as you can imagine, these trips sell out quickly. The same goes for African safaris, especially if you want to witness the Great Migration.

Booking the year before you travel means that the main cost of your vacation will pass, giving you plenty of time to save up to spend the money. Plus, if you like a particular room or cabin type, booking early means you’re more likely to find availability.

It can also mean great extras and free offers, like free international flights for an Antarctic adventure when you secure a place by September 12th.

Check out our top vacation ideas to book now and look forward to 2022.

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See the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan

We couldn’t think of a better way to travel for an event than exploring Japan’s springtime gardens, shining cities, and majestic mountains. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint by taking just one big vacation in 2022, discover Japan.

Explore the Japanese Alps, visit the bamboo forest in Kyoto, try your hand at making golf chopsticks and soba noodles, not forgetting to soak in the hot springs in Takayama on our amazing 2022 tour.

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Enjoy the wonders of Scotland in a stay like no other

As many of us appreciate beauty on our doorstep, holidays in the UK sell like hot cakes. You’ll want to get in early if you want to experience Britain in the best possible way in 2022… on this amazing island hopping adventure!

The Hebrides are perfect for this and offer everything you could ever want from a Scottish stay, from whiskey islands to beaches straight from a Caribbean postcard. On this amazing Country Living Tour, you will discover amazing wildlife and also visit picturesque castles.

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Glide through the Swiss Alps on the Glacier Express

Bright red Glacier Express is what winter dreams are made of. Dubbed the world’s slowest express train (it’s an eight-hour experience after all!), this magical experience takes you over 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels and climbs to the top of the Oberalp Pass at 2,033 metres. You’ll want to pack your own camera for this one!

Country Living is a five-day holiday in Switzerland enjoying all the magic of winter in 2022, from riding the Glacier Express to sailing on Lake Thun.

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Experience the epic play of Oberammergau in Bavaria

The German state of Bavaria offers culture and scenery unmatched anywhere else – from ancient castles to magnificent Alpine scenery. It is also where the Oberammergau Passion Play is performed once every 10 years. Postponed in 2020, you now have a chance to watch the epic play performed by the Bavarians in 2022, or wait until 2030 for the next performance.

The play tells the story of Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem until his resurrection. On a tour of Italy and Germany, you can enjoy an array of Italian villas, charming towns and mountain views, as well as experience the amazing event.

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Sail Tanzania on an eco-cruise

Every wildlife lover needs to experience the beauty of African safari at least once, and in our opinion, Tanzania is the country that really caters to it. The Serengeti is a picturesque place to find the Big Five and get a feel of being with nature. Then there’s the Ngorongoro Crater, with its stunning scenery, and the Maasai villages, where you can learn from the locals.

Once you have experienced the wonders of the mainland, you must head to the island of Zanzibar for a completely different view of Tanzania. Here, the beaches have fine sand and you can stroll around the colonial capital Stone Town. The exclusive Country Living Tour allows you to enjoy the best of Tanzania by land and sea, while sailing aboard a sustainable cruise ship, Golden Horizon, powered by 70% of nature.

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See Scandinavia by train

Perhaps you’ve already been on a Northern Lights cruise to Norway or seen snow-capped Swedish Lapland in winter, but experiencing Scandinavia like Norway, Sweden and Denmark on a train adventure is like no other.

You can choose when to travel, whether it’s to see the spring flowers in March or enjoy the fall colors in October, but no matter what time of year the views will be amazing. On the Country Living 22-Day Arctic Rail Tour you’ll visit Copenhagen, Oslo and Boden, ride the scenic Rauma Railway, sleep in the unique Treehotel and more.

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Discover the exotic British side of the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are one of the most beautiful corners of the UK, located near mainland Cornwall, but they can easily be confused with the Caribbean. These gorgeous islands are a haven for lovers of beach, nature and wildlife and that’s exactly why we’ve enlisted islands guide Will Wagstaff to show you an expert-led tour.

With six glorious days to learn about St Mary and Brehr, St Maarten and Tresco, you can expect boat trips to spot birds and marine life, walks along scenic coastal paths, a visit to subtropical jewel Abbey Garden and a delightful hotel stay with character.

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Be fascinated by the beauty of Antarctica

Antarctica is a place you may have dreamed of visiting, and now you can make it a reality with a 12-day road trip that comes with a great offer of free international flights when you book before September 12, 2021.

The stunning cruise from Argentina takes place in February through the famous Drake Passage with the expedition team before you discover icebergs, whales, penguins and other once-in-a-lifetime landmarks on a winter dream cruise.

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Join Charlie Dimmock’s TV Show at Floriade 2022 in the Netherlands

This year’s flower show is scheduled, and green-toed travelers looking for something special in 2022 will want to visit the Netherlands during the Floriade, one of the world’s greatest flower events that takes place only every 10 years.

In 2022, you can look forward to 40 unique and fascinating galleries inspired by the idea of ​​bringing the countryside into the city. During a seven-day vacation exclusively for Country Living readers, you’ll visit the gallery and also meet TV gardener Charlie Dimock, who will answer your gardening questions and give you tips and tricks to use in your outdoor space.

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Ride the Rocky Mountaineer across the American Southwest

In 2022, you can experience the new Rocky Mountaineer Trail in the American Southwest, which goes between Denver, Colorado, and Moab. With its glass-roofed wagons, scenic routes, and excellent service, the Rocky Mountaineer is one of the greatest rail journeys.

During an adventure in the USA with Country Living, you’ll experience the train on a two-day trip, discovering America’s amazing national parks, including Zion, Arches, and the Grand Canyon, as well as spending time in Las Vegas.

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