Blue Origin does not believe that Branson’s spaceflight is Jeff Bezos

Tomorrow, the first suborbital conditional tourist flight of the “space” aircraft SpaceShipTwo from the Virgin Galactic company, the British billionaire Richard Branson, will take place. The day before Twitter Blue Origin by another billionaire – Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) – there was a message that the spacecraft Virgin Galactic did not recognize the flight. According to Blue Origin, space begins above the ascent point of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft.

Image source: Blue Origin

SpaceShipTwo Virgin Galactic suborbital aircraft take off from a modified cargo ship (air launch) and ascend on their engines to an altitude of about 80 km, where it will spend about 4 minutes in free fall. The plane then returns to the airport. The new Shepard Blue Origin capsule on a reusable launch vehicle will rise to a height of over 100 km, and this brand – the so-called Karman line – is recognized by most international organizations as the limit of space on earth. Branson’s plane will not reach this line, so his and subsequent flight can not be considered an exit to outer space.

In another situation, Blue Origin would not have focused on the height of the Virgin Galactic aircraft and its canister. But in this case, Richard Branson decided to get ahead of Bezos with a flight to “space”. So if the launch of New Shepard Blue Origin was planned last year, and the rocket made 15 successful flights, then Branson’s decision to fly a little earlier than Bezos and only after three successful launches is a marketing ploy. Therefore, the reaction from Blue Origin is of the same marketing nature – the competitors have not yet grown into space. Only the tourists who fly on New Shepard will become real astronauts.

The New Shepard Blue Origin spacecraft will make its first commercial flight 9 days after the Virgin Galactic flight on July 20. For a place in a capsule with Jeff Bezos, his brother and the 82-year-old former American pilot Wally Funk, an unknown tourist paid $ 28 million at an auction. The price of a regular ticket to New Shepard has not yet been revealed. The cost of a flight on the SpaceShipTwo Virgin Galactic is $ 250,000. Well, at least a new space tourism site will open tomorrow.

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