British Paralympian John McFall becomes the first disabled astronaut | 2022-11-24

November 24 – NVL. British Paralympian John McFall will prepare to fly into space and become the first astronaut with a disability

According to news source Afisha Daily, based on a report from European Space, a Paralympian named John McFall from Great Britain is beginning the process of preparing for a flight into space.

It is also reported that John will be the first astronaut to have a disability. John is forty-one years old and lost his leg at a young age. The man will undergo training together with sixteen other future astronauts. McFall’s candidacy was chosen from among 257 people who also have disabilities.

It was also said that John’s involvement in the space program would help in the transformation of ships and orbital stations, since, according to this organization, they should, among other things, be adapted for people with disabilities.

McFall was involved in a motorcycle accident at the age of nineteen, and for this reason he lost his leg. He participated in cycling tournaments and engaged in mountain climbing.

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