Alien life: why scientists are interested in binary stars | Scientific discoveries and technological innovations from Germany | DW

Alien life: why scientists are interested in binary stars |  Scientific discoveries and technological innovations from Germany |  DW

Almost half of all stars in our galaxy belong to binary systems. So the famous Star Wars moments, when they show a double sunrise or sunset on Tatooine — the fictional planet where the galaxy’s greatest heroes Anakin and Luke Skywalker grew up — aren’t that great. Planetary systems of two gravitationally bound stars orbiting … Read more

“Cosmonautics Day” in kindergarten in Ordzhonikidzevsky district

Preschool department of Ordzhonikidzevsky district 2021-04-12 923 April 12 is World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day and International Day of Human Space Flight. On the eve of this date, “Cosmonautics Week” was held at MBDOU Kindergarten No. 5. Students got acquainted with astronauts, the first manned flight into space. A thematic exhibition on the theme “Space … Read more

Is it true that the universe is not infinite?

“The fact that our universe is expanding was discovered almost a hundred years ago, but how exactly this happens, scientists realized only in the 90s of the last century, when powerful telescopes (including orbital ones) appeared and the era of accurate cosmology began. During observations and analysis of the data obtained, it turned out that … Read more

Determination to Actively Use Space for Self-Defense: Japan’s Space Policy (1)

Continuing the 21st Century Sputnik Shock series, whose first seven issues dealt with China’s space strategy, we are devoting the next few issues to Japan’s space policy. Of the G7 countries, Japan is the latest to actively engage in the use of space for national defense. Let us consider Japan’s space policy, which is facing … Read more

Bezos’ flight will be unique in the history of space tourism

The history of space exploration is merciless to others and followers, because the names of the pioneers mostly remain in people’s memory. This may explain the nervousness with which Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin prepared to start regular suborbital flights with tourists. Jeff Bezos will overtake a competitor in participating in the first unmanned flight … Read more

Take a look at billions of years ago – Nauka – Kommersant

The construction of the most magnificent astronomical instrument in history began. The cyclopean radio telescope will be located on two continents. Scientists hope it will help unravel the most intriguing mysteries of the universe’s structure and history. The radio telescope is called SKAO, this abbreviation means “observatory of the array [площадью в] square kilometer” (Square … Read more

NASA successfully tests the world’s most powerful rocket

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the successful test of the Space Launch System spacecraft at the Mississippi Space Center. Experts tested the central rocket unit, the largest rocket element NASA has ever built. Four engines ran for more than eight minutes. Space Launch System – super heavy launch vehicle. 95 tons with … Read more