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Moscow can be admired endlessly. And you will definitely not be bored here – every day there are performances, exhibitions, concerts. For every taste! “” offer not to miss the most important and interesting! PREMIERE “Hole” Brusnikin’s workshop presents a philosophical comedy about the everyday work of a person who feels part of the limitless … Read more

Nuclear strike from space: what threatens China’s development – news from Ukraine, Technology

The Pentagon is concerned about another threat posed by Russia and China, and this time it’s space. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin holds a secret meeting in the Pentagon on September 6-7 on the topic of space weapons that the Russian Federation and China may develop. The reasons for this discussion are known – the … Read more

160 people will participate in Baikal School of Fundamental Physics organized by ISTP SB RAS

ON International Baikal Youth Scientific School of Fundamental Physics “Physical processes in space and the near-Earth environment”, within which the XVII conference of young scientists “Interaction of fields and radiation with matter” will be held, 160 people will participate. Yury Yasyukevich, vice-chairman of the BSFF organizing committee, said that young researchers and doctoral students from … Read more

VDNKh invites you to excursions, lectures, Saturday coffee and children’s quiz

From August 30 to September 4, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center and Slovo Museum of Slavic Literature at VDNKh will host thematic tours, educational lectures, a children’s quiz and Saturday coffee at Cosmos. Guests will learn about designers of space technology and scientists, how being in orbit affects the organism of animals, about the emergence … Read more

The inhabitants of Astana are offered to throw themselves into outer space. Photo reportage from the exhibition

An art exhibition “Earth-Space” has started in Nur-Sultan. It will be held from August 24 to September 26, 2021 at the NUR ALEM Future Energy Museum. More than 25 works of famous Kazakh artists from the Fund of the State Museum named after Abylkhan Kasteev are presented here, united by the theme of space, utopias … Read more

Hi, I can’t hear you, or the Digital Divide, and how to deal with it

61 years ago, Yuri Gagarin became the first person in world history to fly into space. It is Yuri Alekseevich who is considered a kind of creator of the Internet. After his “Let’s go!”, for the benefit of earthlings, all progressively developing countries began to explore space. After all, a significant part of the technology … Read more

Putin called for strengthening Russia’s rocket and space industries

The development of an orbital constellation of dual and military satellites became the central topic of President Vladimir Putin’s meeting in Sochi on Wednesday with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the heads of defense industry companies. Opening the event, Putin recalled that the world’s leading countries are actively developing modern space systems, … Read more

“You and I”. SISTEMA GALLERY and Reloft ART Gallery present a personal exhibition of the artist Azam Atakhanov

SISTEMA GALLERY art space and Reloft ART gallery present a personal exhibition of the artist Azam Atakhanov, which opens on September 9 in two galleries at the same time. The curators of the project, Dasha Semyonova and Zhenya Melnikova, created a dialogue exhibition, where each gallery formulates a scenographic statement addressed to each other. Azam … Read more