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Mysterious sources of fast radio bursts (FRB) can be neutron stars with extremely strong magnetic fields – magnetars – that produce synchrotron mass radiation in the radio range. This scenario was proposed by the Russian astrophysicists Maxim Barkov and Sergei Popov, as well as Dmitry Khangulyan from the University of Rikkyo (Japan). The results of … Read more

Branson’s flight can not be considered space, says the expert Branson’s flight can not be considered space, says the expert Branson’s flight can not be considered space, said the expert FREE NEWS Branson’s flight can not be considered space, says the expert The flight of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft with billionaire Richard Branson can not be called space, because it has not reached a … Read more

Russian scientist – on the problem of space debris – Teller Report Teller Report

Getting rid of earthy space from space debris is an expensive and so far difficult to realize pleasure. This was stated in an interview with RT by Nathan Eismont, a leading researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ space research institute. In a comment on a recent report from Roskosmos that there are approximately 7,000 … Read more

Astana residents are offered to throw themselves into outer space. Photo report from the exhibition

An art exhibition “Earth-Space” has started in Nur-Sultan. It will be held from August 24 to September 26, 2021 at the NUR ALEM Future Energy Museum. More than 25 works by famous Kazakh artists from the State Museum’s Fund named after Abylkhan Kasteev are presented here, united by the theme of space, utopias and dreams. … Read more

The Soviet Union exploded two nuclear warheads into space 60 years ago KXan 36 Daily News

60 years ago, on October 27, 1961, the Soviet Union detonated two nuclear weapons that were delivered into space by rockets. It was a rare case during the years when the Soviet Union acted as a catch-up in the space race. After all, the United States conducted the world’s first tests of nuclear weapons in … Read more

An avalanche-like increase in debris in orbit threatens to deprive all earthlings of space

The low-Earth Debris cascade of debris that will destroy the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station was vividly portrayed in the film Gravity starring Sandra Bullock, and it came to mind by the explosion of its own satellite, carried out by the Russian military early on. Monday, November 15th. Representatives of many space … Read more