Tomichi launched pizza in outer space

Makelovepizza In honor of Cosmonautics Day, Tomsk residents held a campaign to launch pizza into space. The organizers want to give it to Starman, the driver of a Tesla car, which has been in heliocentric orbit for two months, said one of the authors of the idea, Evgeny Davydov. Remember that on February 6, SpaceX, … Read more

NATO declares space as a separate area of ​​operation | News from Germany about world events | DW

NATO intends to recognize space as a separate area of ​​operation together with land, as well as air, sea and cyberspace. This was announced by Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance at a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday 19 November. He expects NATO foreign ministers to agree on a decision at … Read more

Trump wants to cut resources in space. And who do they belong to?

April 7, 2020 Sign up for our “Context” newsletter: it will help you understand the events. Photographer, Getty pictures On Monday, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order approving the commercial development of resources on the moon and the planets in the solar system. Roscosmos accused Trump of trying to take space territories. International … Read more

Pentagon: Russia has weapons aimed at satellites and deprives the United States of a major military advantage

19 June 2020 14:12 19 June 2020 14:12 | Share The US Department of Defense has published a new edition of the country’s military space strategy. The document, which is based on the Trump administration’s national defense strategy, addresses a potential space confrontation with strong military powers such as China and Russia. space troops The … Read more

Space debris and communications satellites. How the capital monitors the orbit near the earth

Hundreds of objects can be seen in the sky over Moscow on a clear day. They are quite identifiable – these are satellites launched by humans into space. Thanks to these objects, mobile devices have a connection, online maps work and traffic jams are displayed. Hundreds of objects in the Earth’s orbit are observed regularly, … Read more

Dream big, the sky is not the limit

Space exploration and the development of space technology represent a completely new and extremely specific area of ​​human activity. States’ space activities literally affect the interests of all countries because of their global nature. Outer space differs from land, sea and airspace in that it can not be divided into any zones during its use … Read more