Space Treaty – Nauka – Kommersant

Exactly half a century ago, the United States, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom signed the “Treaty on the Principles of State Activities for the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies”. This international agreement defined and still defines not so much the rights that each of the … Read more

What unusual objects can be found in space

Outer space is not only thousands of universes, but also a kind of layer of the most unexpected things. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: Among all that came into space thanks to humans are the ashes of celebrities, X-rays, photographs, many tools and personal belongings of astronauts, as well as other objects that are … Read more

Azerbaijan conquers outer space | Information portal Moscow-Baku

April 12 marks World Cosmonautics Day. This memorable date is dedicated to the first manned flight in space – it was a citizen of the Soviet Union, Senior Lieutenant Yuri Gagarin, who on this day in 1961 on the Vostok spacecraft for the first time in the world made a circumnavigation flight around Earth, opening … Read more

Forum for the Knowledge Society “PRO Space” was held in Vladikavkaz

Researchers and practitioners, technologists and developers, leading experts in the field of space research and innovation discussed with young people mysteries and facts, achievements and goals, current issues and global challenges in connection with studies and exploration of outer space. The format of the event provides free participation. There were many who wanted to get … Read more

How to survive the effects of the expected magnetic storm on May 24 – Amurskaya Pravda

Photo: What is a magnetic storm? Magnetic storms occur at the time of increased solar activity, and many weather-dependent people are constantly feeling their consequences. This phenomenon is a consequence of ongoing eruptions in the celestial body, where a huge amount of solar energy is released into outer space. Charged particles that reach the … Read more

Can any country take over the moon?

For many years, only the Soviet Union and the United States were engaged in studies of the moon. Today, the situation has changed – instead of Soviet scientists, Chinese astronomers are busy studying the Earth’s satellite. The China Space Administration (CNSA) recently concluded an event during which the creation of lunar satellite communications was announced. … Read more

The European Space Agency is concerned about Musk

6 December 2021, 15:59 Musk controls 50% of the satellites in Earth’s orbit According to Josef Aschbacher, who heads the European Space Agency, companies founded by American businessman Elon Musk have begun to dictate their own rules in outer space, according to Prostomob. Musk is accused of dominance in the space industry, a top executive … Read more

Why is outer space not as dark as we think?

When we look at the night sky, it seems that the darkness envelops everything around us, especially if the sky is covered with clouds and no stars are visible. In images taken with space telescopes and generously shared with the public, planets, galaxies and nebulae can be seen flaunting the black, cold space. But is … Read more

NASA lost touch with a very important spacecraft

6 days after the launch in space, the satellite stopped communicating, which should check the stability of the new space station’s orbit. On June 28 this year, a new NASA satellite called CAPSTONE went into space to control the orbit of the future lunar space station Gateway according to preliminary calculations by scientists. But on … Read more