The greenhouse effect goes beyond the earth – Picture of the day – Kommersant

American company Redwire Corporation announced plans to place the first commercial greenhouse in orbit. The company intends to grow plants on the ISS, the launch itself is planned no earlier than the spring of 2023. The authors of the project say that its goal is to develop systems for growing plants during manned flights to … Read more

new space telescopes prepare for launch

A large number of observatories operate in space and study its distant depths. However, a number of new, increasingly advanced conductors are being prepared for launch. Euclid: in the footsteps of dark matter Photo: ESA/ATG media lab In 2023, the European mission Euclid will go into space to measure the three-dimensional distribution of matter in … Read more

Space Treaty – Nauka – Kommersant

Exactly half a century ago, the United States, the Soviet Union and Great Britain signed the “Treaty on the Principles of the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies”. This international agreement defined and still defines not so much the rights that each of … Read more

Analytics. Six Skif satellites are to be launched into orbit in mid-2026

11.11.22 05:36 Within the framework of the decade of science and technology in Russia, the V All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference “Control Systems for Unmanned Space and Atmospheric Aerial Vehicles” was held on the basis of the Moscow Experimental Design Bureau “Mars” (part of Rosatom). The conference was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the … Read more

What unusual objects can be found in space

Outer space is not only thousands of universes, but also a kind of warehouse of the most unexpected things. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: Among everything that got into space thanks to people are the ashes of celebrities, X-rays, photographs, many tools and personal belongings of astronauts, as well as other objects that are … Read more

Space travel will soon become problematic. All because of a lot of space debris after people

The space gradually becomes too cramped. Space fire from satellites and other objects begins to interfere with the work of research in space. This was told in the American space company Rocket Lab, writes CNN. Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck said there are already many “second-hand” objects flying in space, but the number is skyrocketing. … Read more

3 sore spots in NATO’s space strategy

On January 17, the North Atlantic Alliance published NATO’s space strategy, according to which it intends to extend the principles of the organization’s collective defense to outer space. Including the fifth article, which provides for collective defense in the event of an attack on any of the countries of the alliance. The new document fixes … Read more

Space debris and communication satellites. How the capital monitors near-Earth orbit

Hundreds of objects can be seen in the sky over Moscow on a clear day. They are quite identified – these are satellites launched by man into space. Thanks to these objects, mobile devices are connected, online maps work and traffic jams are displayed. Hundreds of objects in Earth’s orbit are regularly observed, including in … Read more

Restart in orbit

Space is undergoing a rebirth, and this time, instead of states, the final frontier is being taken to develop business. But will the billionaires and visionaries be able to do what Korolev or von Braun failed to do, to make space not a field of competition between the leading powers, but a platform for development … Read more