China invites to space – Vedomosti

In late April, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin unveiled two provisions in the national space strategy. First, China invites cosmonauts from all countries to join projects at China’s Tiangong Orbital Station, which will begin operating normally by the end of 2022. And second, space exploration should be conducted jointly, by combining efforts from the … Read more

Cosmonautics Day in Kuzbass will hold “space” events

On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, space-themed events are being held in Kuzbass. And on the holiday itself, the international festival “Night of Yuri Gagarin” will be held. The festival brought together many different and educational initiatives. All events are supported by the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. Sergei Volkov, Russia’s hero and … Read more

A project is being created in Penza that will make the space accessible to everyone – Penza State University

At Penza State University (PSU), students, young researchers, university specialists and a regional design studio for virtual and augmented reality create scenes for space tourists. Project leader – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Radio Technology and Radioelectronic Systems, PSU Alexander Tychkov told how the idea came to create a virtual … Read more

“Young people think astronomy is to go with a girl under the stars!”

Where can you meet real fans of astronomy in Krasnoyarsk today? How do you see the sides of the moon on a moonless night? What more has not yet been discovered by world astronomers? Sergei Alexandrovich Veselkov, head of the Education Observatory at Reshetnev University, talks about science with a great past and a great … Read more

Coop Himmelb (l) au Head of the Bureau Wolf Prix: “Pushkin has always been my role model”

The founder of deconstructivism, a passionate underminer of the foundations and one of the most famous architects of our time, the head of the Vienna agency Coop Himmelb (l) au, Wolf Prix, spoke in an interview with Kultura about the fantastic objects he creates for Russia. How did you come to deconstructivism? “First I decided … Read more

Kazakhstan is a friendly neighbor of China

Implementation of the Global Security Initiative to protect world peace and tranquility. On April 21, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a global security initiative at the opening ceremony of the annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia 2022. This is another international public benefit provided by China for world peace and security. This vivid … Read more