maybe earthlings are already getting a signal

A team of physicists from the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh used mathematical calculations to show that quantum communication is possible in interstellar space. In an article published in the journal Physical Review D, the researchers described the study’s progress, as well as the possibility that extraterrestrial beings try to … Read more

undiscovered capabilities at the Missile Defense Umbrella – EADaily – Belgorod news. Belgorod company profile. Belgorod. News. Belgorod today. Belgorod latest news. Belgorod news today. News today. Daily news. The latest news.

Information on Ukrainian air strikes on Belgorod raises a number of questions in expert circles regarding the configuration of the deployment of various types of air defense missile divisions within the air force and military air defense on the ground in the Belgorod region. The troubleshooting of the investigation functions for radar detectors connected to … Read more

words matter

political scientistDaniel Parenkov political scientistDaniel Parenkov On June 29, the NATO heads of state and government approved the new strategic concept for the North Atlantic Alliance. The document sets out the NATO countries’ vision of their priorities and approaches for the coming decade. It would be naive to underestimate the importance of the wording proposed … Read more

in July, Volgograd residents promised tropical weekdays

Society 12:53, 3 pictures The weather forecast for midsummer was made by climatologist Anatoly Sudakov. Photo: Dmitry Rogulin / City Esti June is coming to an end – one of the most comfortable months of the year in Volgograd. It is considered summer, but in fact the astronomical summer does not begin until the first … Read more

Everyone has their own hell | Music life

The opera house in Nizhny Novgorod could for a long time surprise music lovers only with the aesthetics of “dusty rags” and a very low level of performance. Fortunately, times are changing: positive changes have begun to be felt. A new stage in the Nizhny Novgorod Opera and Ballet Theater named after the AS Pushkin … Read more

Kyiv is trying to deceive Moscow into joining NATO

Politicians often make “loud” statements, which are a way of raising their status, and sometimes their survival. During crises, only the number of promises and oaths increases. Despite the support of the Western world, Ukraine is still on the verge of death and deciding its future post-war goals. To survive, one must give hope to … Read more

Greenhouse effect: causes and consequences: Ecology articles ➕1, 2022-06-24

This is an increase in the planet’s surface temperature due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere. Their moderate concentration is necessary for the existence of all living things. Greenhouse gases freely pass the sun’s rays that heat the earth, but retain a significant portion of the thermal radiation, which prevents it … Read more