5 dangers that threaten a person in outer space

At the end of November, NASA was forced to postpone the astronauts’ spacewalk. The sudden decision was made because of the danger of fragments of space debris flying past – they fly 10 times faster than a bullet. It is believed that the abundance of remnants of ancient spacecraft in the future will not allow … Read more

NATO decided to extend the principles of collective defense to outer space

January 18, 2022, AviaStat.ru – NATO decided to extend the principles of collective defense to outer space, including the application of the fifth article of the Washington Treaty, which includes, among other things, a collective military response to an attack on one of the Alliance’s countries. This is stated in the published NATO Comprehensive Space … Read more

Japanese website writes about the famous traveler Marisha’s impression of the Azerbaijani dolmen – AZERTAC

Tokyo, February 28, AZERTAC The Japanese site wpb.shueisha.co.jp published a comprehensive article about the impressions of the famous traveler Marisha about the architectural beauty of Baku and Azerbaijani cuisine. As reported by AZERTAC, backpacker Mariko Hirakawa, known in Japan as Traveler Marisha, wrote this article after a recent trip to Azerbaijan. In the article “Architecture … Read more

“I see that culture is moving towards overcoming death”

This year’s probably most remarkable exhibition, Citizens of Space, has opened in the New Tretyakov Gallery. This is a project by Anton Vidokle, in which he explores the influence of Russian cosmism in the 20th century. The exhibition contains three films, as well as the chronology for this direction. Kulturomania talked about cosmism with the … Read more

Published a way to fly to Mars and return alive from there

With the current technical capacity of Earthlings, a return flight from Earth to Mars should take about 500 days, that is, a year and four and a half months. The greatest obstacle to human flight to the red planet is cosmic radiation. It consists of two main components: galactic cosmic rays (GCR) and solar cosmic … Read more

Close space can be lost

The impressive entry of Elon Musk’s satellites falling from orbit due to a cosmic storm into the atmosphere was captured on video from Earth. The film was shot by a camera owned by the Society of Astronomers in Puerto Rico. The recent launch of Starlink satellites showed their instability for various cosmic phenomena. In fact, … Read more