Your Signature Horoscope for 2022: Get Ready for a Year of Progress

Your Signature Horoscope for 2022: Get Ready for a Year of Progress

As we look to 2022, there are indications that we are entering a very important year. The past year was a transitional year when traditional ideas were challenged. We can now begin to incorporate the resulting changes into everyday life. We start with Venus in retrograde, a cycle that comes about every 19 months and … Read more

13 Great Britain Days to Beat the Blues in January

13 Great Britain Days to Beat the Blues in January

the details: This two-hour history quest is suitable for adults and families (children ages eight and up) and will be led by an experienced guide. Tickets cost from £25; Runs throughout January (020 8742 0057; Stay at citizenM Bankside (020 3519 1680; for a signature plaque in an enviable zip code within walking … Read more

Slow Travel And Why You Should Think About It

Alistair Berg / Getty Images Panting to catch my breath, I painstakingly ride my bike up the steep and winding mountain road, the elevation is more than a mile above sea level. I was doing my best to get to Logan Pass, the stunning high point on the famous Going to the Sun Road in … Read more

The Monmouth College group kicks off the new year with an exciting adventure in El Salvador

As snow fell in the Quad Cities on the first day of 2022, a group of Monmouth College celebrated the New Year south of the border, via horseback to the summit of a volcano in the Central American nation of El Salvador. “I must imagine this was a first for some,” James Judd, a professor … Read more

7 travel tips for an eco-conscious vacation

With global travel restrictions lifted, we’re all looking forward to an adventure – but before you head to the beach, the mountains, or a new city, take the time to plan a fun and sustainable trip. While traveling has many benefits – among them a greater appreciation for other cultures, and an important diversion from … Read more

How to travel with children, grandparents and people of all ages

A generation of millennials and millennials are entering a poorly planned European vacation – what’s the worst that could happen? During a trip to Portugal and Spain in August 2021, my family quickly discovered why we didn’t take trips more than once. family trips like Midnight runs Taco Bell; Seems like a good idea at … Read more

Want a trip during the Covid pandemic? Choose a window seat. Thanks later

You may have come across many methods that can help prevent Covid. Earlier, we told you the importance of wearing an N95 mask, followed by the role of weight loss in preventing COVID-19. Today, we’re back with another tip that may help you reduce your risk of contracting the virus during your flight. This tip … Read more

Blue Monday: Local travel agents issue tips for people hoping to pamper themselves with a holiday

Today (January 17) is the third Monday in January, also known as Blue Monday, and it’s the bleakest day of the year, since 2005. The term “blue Monday” was coined by British travel company Sky Travel, which has calculated the bleakest time of the year as a way to predict when people will book flights … Read more

China’s economy is slowing down, a worrying sign for the world

BEIJING – Building and property sales are down. Small businesses have closed their doors due to rising costs and poor sales. Indebted local governments cut civil servant salaries. The Chinese economy slowed down significantly in the final months of last year as government measures to curb property speculation hit other sectors as well. Lockdowns and … Read more