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20 August 2021, 15:53

Today, August 20, at the airport named after Boris Volynov, the grand inauguration of the memorial square and the exhibition “Star Glory of Prokopyevsk” took place, presenting unique exhibitions – personal belongings of the cosmonaut, objects that have been in orbit. , archive photos, newspapers from the 60s and 70s.

The solemn event was attended twice by the hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Kuzbass, pilot cosmonaut from the first cosmonaut corps of the Soviet Union Boris Volynov, heads of cities and regions of the southern agglomeration, representatives of the Kuzbass government.

Boris Volynov opened a memorial square with a bust on the territory of the airport, where he is depicted in a spacesuit after his first flight in January 1969 with the Soyuz-5 spacecraft. Under his command (with the call sign Baikal), docking with another spacecraft was performed for the first time.

Interesting and even tragic facts from Prokopchanin’s life story Boris Volynov are presented at the exhibition “Star Glory of Prokopyevsk”. The exhibit includes unique exhibits from Yu.A. Gagarin, which is of great historical value: Aleksey Eliseev (Boris Volynov’s partner) training suit for space walks, Leonid Popov’s anti-g suit and Viktor Afanasyev, commander of the Soviet-Japanese crew, flight suit.

Here you can also see the original document “The Case of the Records of the First Space Flight of Citizen Yu.A. Gagarin on the ship satellite” Vostok “04/12/1961”; military tunic for everyday use with epaulets by Colonel Yuri Gagarin of the USSR Air Force; the Vostok-6 spacecraft logbook completed by Valentina Tereshkova; documents “The case of recordings of the world’s first flight with a man into outer space on the satellite ship Voskhod-2 on March 18-19, 1965” and tablets on the history of manned cosmonautics in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

The Starry Glory of Prokopyevsk exhibition will be held at Boris Volynov International Airport from August 20 to 23, 2021. Then, on that basis, two exhibitions will be created: in the Prokopyevsk Museum of Local Lore and the Vernissage Exhibition Center in Prokopyevsk, they will work on until September 12, 2021. Then some of the exhibits will return to Star City, and the Volynov family will transfer unique photographic documents to the Prokopyevsk Museum of Local Lore.

As reference. Boris Valentinovich Volynov was born on December 18, 1934 in Irkutsk. The family moved to Prokopyevsk when he was not even a year old. As a schoolboy, he constantly ran to the stadium, where there was a parachute tower, and once a parachute instructor allowed him to conquer the first height.
In 1953 Boris Volynov graduated from the 24th Military Aviation School for the primary training of air force pilots in the Volga military district of Pavlodar, and in 1956 from the Stalingrad (now Volgograd) military flight school for pilots named after the Stalingrad Proletariat with red banners.
In March 1960, Boris Volynov enrolled in the first cosmonaut corps. Attended an entire training course for flights on Vostok type ships. He made his first spaceflight on January 15-18, 1969, as commander of the Soyuz-5 spacecraft. From July 6 to August 24, 1976, Boris Valentinovich made the second spaceflight as commander of the first expedition of the manned Salyut-5 orbital station and the Soyuz-21 spacecraft.
From 1983 to 1990 he worked as the commander of the cosmonaut corps. In May 1990, he was transferred to the reserve. That Boris Volynov spent 30 years on test work in the cosmonaut corps is a real world record.


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