Channel One launches a new reality soap “Space Challenge” about preparations for filming a movie in space

12:10, 2021-09-08

The program will be broadcast in September.

Today it became known that viewers of the first will see all the stages of preparation for the filming of the movie “Call” – the first image in history to be filmed in orbit International Space Station. Already in March, the channel began creating a reality documentary about how this unique project is being prepared. Viewers of the first will see all the components of the preparation: from casting for the lead role to the end of the classes by actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko, who have managed the most difficult selection.

At Cosmonaut Training Center, Yulia and Klim study numerous instructions for all emergencies and get tired of training with their undergraduate studies. Orbital overload, survival on the planet’s surface after landing – everything, like astronauts. What about people who until recently only dreamed of space, but who barely imagined that they would really go there: navigate the ISS model in spacesuits, pass a centrifuge test, learn to give SOS signals using solar sensors, do tests on emergency measures, to train an emergency landing on the water – you can find out in the documentary about the first.

Yulia Peresild showed how the training before the flight to the ISS goes

It is noted that real heroes and professionals will participate in the reality show – Roscosmos specialists who create and test equipment, as well as prepare cosmonauts for flight. The project will talk about Roskosmo’s training system, which performs the most complex operations in the International Space Station’s orbit, and about new technology in Russia that provides an independent exit from the country to outer space. Viewers of Channel One will learn this and much more about the preparations for the first in the history of the cinema space team in September. The project is released on Sundays.

It is worth noting that Peresild herself commented on her escape into space. The actress noted that she had strange impressions. “Inspirationally hot, but I do not want to waste it! Gather! And go quietly forward! No loud statements, no promises, no blows to the chest and bombastic speeches! Do not be offended, dear journalists, that I do not answer 1000 of your questions and Inquiries. I think it’s too early to discuss and postpone anything. A serious and very difficult road lies ahead. I want to do it with dignity, boldly and quietly. Personally from myself! – Julia wrote in her microblog on Instagram * (the spelling and punctuation for the author are given below unchanged. – Note. oath.).

Film team in training

Shipenko, in turn, shared a picture of the entire crew. “The first picture is of our crew !!! Master Anton Shkaplerov @anton_astrey! We all pray for him! And wonderful-beautiful-fighting Yulia Peresild @juliaperesild! What follows is like a still image from a movie! This is how the artist sees our process !!! This is the beginning of his surveillance of us! We are trying! The flight is coming soon and the film is ahead !!! ” in Shipenko.

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