China unveils new rocket for flights to the moon and super-heavy rocket “Changzheng-9”

As part of the Airshow China air show taking place in the Chinese city of Zhuhai these days, a new generation of launch vehicles was presented to the public, which should become one of the important parts of the Heavenly Empire’s lunar program. The first manned mission of this carrier is planned for 2027. In addition, visitors at the exhibition saw a model of a new Chinese super-heavy rocket, which will fly into space no earlier than 2030.

Image source: Global Times

A model of the manned system is on display at the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) pavilion. This rocket will have a length of 90 meters, a diameter of 5 meters, and it will also be equipped with two side boosters with a diameter of 5 meters each, the launch force will be 273 tons. The rocket will be able to deliver up to 27 tons of cargo to the lunar orbit and up to 70 tons.

The next-generation manned system is designed and developed in accordance with China’s overall manned space program. It is designed to deliver manned missions to the moon and land astronauts on the lunar surface. The research stage is currently being completed, taking into account the recently achieved technical capabilities, after which the development of a prototype carrier will begin.

Liu Bing, head of the general design department of the Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) (part of CASC), said that the new-generation launch vehicle will be more technologically advanced than any analog that has already been put into service so far. He also noted that Chinese engineers will try to make it reusable.

At the same time, a model of a super-heavy launch vehicle is demonstrated at the CASC booth, on which the marking Long March-9 (Long March-9) is visible. According to available data, it will be a three-stage rocket with a diameter of 10 meters, which will significantly expand China’s ability to deliver various cargoes into space. According to CASC, the Long March 9 rocket will be able to deliver 150 tons of cargo to low Earth orbit, up to 50 tons of cargo to the Earth-Moon transfer orbit and up to 35 tons of cargo to the Mars transfer orbit. The first flight of the carrier “Changzheng-9” should take place around 2030.

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