Chinese Foreign Ministry Says US Prepares Space for ‘Star Wars’

The Pentagon has become a driving force in turning space into a battlefield. No wonder the US space force has requested a 40% increase in government funding by 2023. This was stated in Beijing by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

That writes Newsweekanswering journalists’ questions about the opening of the US National Space Intelligence Center, Zhao emphasized that Washington has long adhered to the strategy of dominance in space and openly defines outer space as the area of ​​future “star wars”.

To achieve its strategy, the US is actively developing and deploying various offensive weapons in outer space, conducting frequent military exercises and promoting a comprehensive military build-up and readiness to fight in outer space, according to Beijing.

The National Space Intelligence Center (NSIC) was established in June at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. It will be operated by a division known as Space Delta 18, which is responsible for “providing critical intelligence on threat systems, foreign intentions and space activities.”

“In the coming years, the space environment will become even more controversial,” says the NSIC chief Avril Haynes. “Intelligence will rely on the production and analysis of scientific and technical information related to space, which will benefit all of America.”

To that end, the US Space Force requested $24.5 billion in funding for 2023 back in the spring, a 40% increase from the previous year.

Newsweek magazine recalled that earlier this year Chinese scientists published an article describing how China could attack the Starlink satellite network. Ilona mask. Beijing believes that the American billionaire is not actually working with the development of space tourism, but with the intelligence service and the Pentagon.

According to the publication South China Morning Postthe Chinese military aims to destroy some of Musk’s satellites when necessary.

In addition, according to the American publication, China is also expanding its military presence in space. Chinese scientists are developing several anti-satellite systems, including so-called “directed energy weapons” that can effectively destroy any space object.

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