Cosmic holiday from cultural workers – Soviet Arctic

The Regional Museum of Local Culture hosted the event “We dedicate our lives to culture”, the time to coincide with the celebration of International Culture Day.

The event’s other name – “Space Chaos” – was given by the organizers for a reason, as most of the program was devoted to space. Museum workers always celebrate their professional holiday on a large scale and come up with something new every time. This year, a concert program, master classes, intellectual and national games have been prepared for school children from Gaz-Saly and Taz schools.

The kids needed acrylic, brushes, CDs, Styrofoam and glue to make the Saturn model.

The instrumental group “Elysium”, the ensemble for the national anthem “Sho meta sei”, the singing group Smile, the association “Did not wait ?!” performed at the event. and a guest from St. Petersburg Andrey Perf (Perfiliev), who is not the first time in Tazovsky.

– I was not only in Tazovsky, but also on the tundra. The nature, atmosphere and culture are extraordinary. I have been making music for many years, I have a lot of experience behind me: I was a guitarist in St. Petersburg’s bands and well-known bands, then I moved from rock, switched to pop music. I have been working on my own album for the past four years. Today he performed his first solo track “Alien Infinity”, he has about 150 thousand streams online, Andrey Perf noted.

After the concert, each visitor found something they liked, for example, in master classes you could make earrings in the form of a friend of oak, linden or pine, create a “planet” with their own hands of improvised tools or make beautiful postcards “Cosmo Moon” .

– Making a 3D postcard is very simple, especially for a person who, like me, is involved in art: first we draw a rocket and an astronaut with a pencil, paint with colors and then we fold an accordion for arms and legs run out of paper, – Sixth grader Vera Pakhomova listed the stages of the work.

– Postcards are very beautiful! You can do it, put it in your room and admire it – that’s exactly what I plan to do. I love space and everything connected to it: I used to study different planets, read books about them and watch educational videos, now I’m a little less interested, – said sixth-grader Ramila Ilyasova.

The school children were also offered to throw themselves into space by the specialists from the house of regional creativity. They provided virtual reality equipment.

In the master class “Mya’havopyaku ‘” schoolchildren made earrings in the form of a friend of oak, linden and pine

– This equipment has been in our department since 2019 as part of a mobile techno park. Many children have already managed to appreciate it. The first thing the guys feel is joy! – said the head of the Regional Creativity House Yuri Temnov.

– I saw space, different planets, including the earth. It was possible to visit the role of an astronaut. I liked it, but it was a little scary, there was always a feeling that I fell. It was the first time I looked through 3D glasses, I would like to play with them and watch animals, – fourth grader Oscar Yaptunai shared his impressions.

Today has been good and fun! I tried almost everything: I participated in mind games, made wooden earrings and a model of Saturn from old boards, toothpicks, paints, polystyrene and sequins.

I have always been interested in space, especially the planets of the solar system. And of course my favorite is Saturn, Sophia Baltzer, a sixth grader, said.

This year, the collection of Nenets games was supplemented with “Verkoda” and “Hobtsoko”

Specialists from the museum designed two exhibitions for the thematic event. The first was dedicated to cultural workers, and the second came from Muravlenko. It presents reproductions of 16 paintings by artists-cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Vladimir Dzhanibekov.

– These are works by artists who went into space. For example, Leonov carried crayons on board the ship and created there, although this is forbidden. And on earth, his co-author Sokolov, who was not a pilot but an architect, helped him in his work, – explained the guide of the regional lore Marina Goncharova Regional Museum.

In addition, everyone had to solve difficult puzzles, participate in a quiz and try out Nenets games. It should be noted that there are now about 50 different games in the Museum Games Library.

Author: Anna Lyubina,
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