Dealing with flight delays when traveling with children

While the holidays can be exciting and fun, not many mothers are looking forward to traveling with their children. They know they will all have fun when they reach their destination, but getting there can be a real struggle for many parents. They must organize and pack luggage for the whole family; They have to prepare all the kids to go and then there is the whole car trip or plane trip. Getting on a plane with kids is never easy, and it can be stressful for many moms, especially if she’s worried about the people around her.

However, when Mom finally arrives at the airport and gets ready to board her plane, the worst can happen. She can hear through the speaker that there is a delay in her flight. This may seem like the worst has happened, and she’s now stuck at the airport with her kids. Kids are bound to get bored while waiting for their flight, and by the time the flight is ready to leave, they are already in a bad mood.

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There are ways a mother can help her kids get through the flight delay, they just need some patience and some creative thinking, and we’re here to help.

Mom needs to calm down

The first thing a mother should do is remain calm. According to the Family Vacation Critic, the mother needs to remain calm in this situation because the babies will be nourished by the mother’s energy. If a mom is anxious and acts anxious, her kids will pick up on it. It’s also a way to maintain a mother’s mental health, and to make sure she can move past this delay emotionally.

Look for distractions

The next thing a mother should do is find distractions. This will be her best defense when dealing with children who are going to get bored. You also want to avoid dragging screens at this point, because you’ll want to rely on them when everyone finally gets on the plane. If the mother can find a large and free space at the airport, it is recommended to take the children there and let them run. They can burn off some energy and have some fun.

Another great thing for the family to do is to have a scavenger. Mom can immediately think of everything that she will find at the airport, and go look for it. Think of things like a bathroom, an airplane sign, a phone booth, or a place where you can buy candy. The possibilities are endless, and even kids can offer some ideas.

Have you prepared a surprise game?

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In order to prepare for the trip, many parents will buy their children a new toy or coloring book to surprise them on the plane. According to Tea With Mum, getting your child to do something new on the plane is always a great idea, but if there are delays, now might be a good time to explore and give it to your child. This might sound like something my mom didn’t want to do because she kept it for the plane, but in these situations, it’s always best to get her out early. If mom is still worried, she can send her dad to the nearest gift shop to get a new book or two when the family boards the actual plane.

Food will always help

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According to Pam Gann, food is always the secret trick every parent has in their bag. Whether mom is pulling her snacks by plane or mom is taking a quick trip to the coffee shop for some delicious treats, this will always buy mom and dad a few more minutes of calm. While you’re looking for some tasty stuff, check to see if your airport has a play area. A lot of airports have special play areas for kids for exactly these situations, and it’s important to take advantage of them. Having a play area nearby is a great way for kids to burn some energy and distract them. If the mother can get her children to burn up enough energy during the delay, there is a better chance that they will sleep when the place takes off and this is the best case scenario for everyone on board.

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