Designer Sergei Kuznetsov spoke about plans to create a manned version of the Proton-M rocket | 2022-11-20

November 20 – NVL. The designer said that during the creation of the Proton-M rocket car, the developers planned to create its manned version

During the development of the Proton-M launch vehicle, the creators foresaw the possibility of its use in a manned version. Sergey Kuznetsov, general designer of the Salyut Design Bureau, told about this, writes “tvzvezda”.

It was assumed that the crew of the transport supply ship Almaz would be launched into Earth orbit and could observe from there, and such a complex could also carry weapons. But later satellites began to perform the tracking function, and the project to create a manned version of the Proton-M rocket was limited.

According to Kuznetsov, the crew would consist of three military specialists who would monitor the Earth around the clock and replace each other.

It should be noted that the Protoon is a heavy-class launch vehicle designed to launch autonomous spacecraft into Earth orbit and further into space. The rocket can launch payloads of up to 3.3 tons into geostationary orbit. The original two-stage version of the Proton carrier (UR-500) became one of the first carriers in the medium-heavy class, and the three-stage version of the Proton-K became one of the heavy ones.

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