Developer Hutton “built” an entire metaverse around his new housing complex

And this is how it looks

Hutton Metaverse – (via – Google Chrome)

The team of the Russian developer Hutton is not only engaged in the construction of real objects in Moscow, but also managed to develop its own digital space, which they dedicated to the real Lunar complex in Moscow. The philosophy of the project was the theme of escapism – a departure from everyday life into the virtual world.

The company decided to continue the idea of ​​new meditative spaces, which it actively implements both in its facilities and in the new digital world – Hutton Metaverse. The new virtual product Hutton broadcasts his own vision of the future and speaks of the connection between architecture, design and art in an era of technological progress.

New worlds no longer seem something far off for us. Hutton Metaverse is a new step in development that translates the ideas of visionary and integration of IT technology into everyday life. Our team has developed its space in the metauniverse, where human cosmic and scientific discoveries serve as a unifying platform

Hutton Marketing Director Valentina Davydik

What is the Hutton Metaverse? Interviews with creators and developers.

The company has developed an architecture module within the metaverse — a digital cluster for visionaries and travelers, where you can meet like-minded people and discover new opportunities in technology, communication, sports, art, and think about the meaning and purpose of public spaces in the future. The inspiration for the creation of the project was the real Hutton object – the Lunar space complex, located on Leninsky Prospekt, vl. 38. This is a multifunctional complex for people who are ready to bring the future closer. A place for visionaries and seekers who make discoveries, expanding the boundaries of possibility.

The guests and participants of the 10th Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair, which Hutton has traditionally supported for the fourth year, were the first to get to know the world in digital reality. The project was supported by international NFT artists Laya Mathikshara (India), Ryan Whitby (USA), Nils Hanson (Germany), who created art objects that can be seen in the Hutton Metaverse digital world.

Hutton Virtual World Architecture

The Hutton Metaverse is a place of attraction, where there are interactive rooms open to visiting avatar participants. The minimalist architecture of the metaverse consists of a meditative space located on the ground of the moon. For its universe, the developer chose the shape of a polyhedron: it is inspired by high technology and refers to the real object of the brand. The interior uses functional architectural forms, strict minimalism in the spirit of space stations. Hutton fans will be able to find the company’s iconic projects in space – Lumin, Lunar, Tsvet 32, Mitte and Maison Rouge.

Inside the space is a landscape park with minimalist author sculptures and art installations. The veranda offers an incredible view of the peaceful outer space.

The design and purpose of space in the Hutton Metaverse

An important task for the project was to maintain the mental health of the inhabitants of the big cities and build a communicative environment for communication with like-minded people. Traveling through the spaces of the Hutton metaverse should not only be an exciting walk, but also a time of emotional relaxation and reset.

Hutton Metaverse – (via – Google Chrome)

The virtual world from Hutton turned out to be quite rich and interactive – there are interactive rooms open to the public: Hypnotherapy Room, Play Room Development, Mycological Retreat Room, Conference Room.

Microadventure is a starting point that takes users from reality to metaspace. The journey takes place on an environmentally friendly mode of transport – the space fantasy airship Lunar. Inside, users will be able to enjoy a virtual therapy room with hypnosis courses, visit a games room with sports facilities and equipment, meditate or take selfies overlooking the cosmic landscape of digital planets.

Hutton Metaverse – (via – Google Chrome)

As part of the Cosmoscow presentation, the developer began the presentation of its new product with an online broadcast for collectors and a tour. The project group was also able to organize a press conference in one of the virtual rooms, where users were the first to ask their questions about the technology, product and development of the IT industry.

NFT – art and support for international artists

Thanks to the development of new technologies, art and architecture receive new communication formats, which allows everyone to discover something new for themselves, regardless of time, place, language barriers. Thus, the project was supported by representatives of the art community from India, Germany and the United States.

Laya Mathikshara – Metamorphosis of Earth – Year 3021

A fourteen-year-old digital artist from India who has a deep understanding of the metaverse and a great desire to make it more accessible to users. Interested in the intersection of art and technology, she constantly surprises her followers with bold art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has an idea behind it. At a very young age, she was already firmly established in the metaverse and partnered with SpaceX. Her work is exhibited by major institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in Virginia, USA.

No Logo – Wow Summit – Ryan Whitby – Contours 1

Ryan Whitby is a designer at the intersection of architecture, engineering and interactive art. He leads the conceptual design and technical development of projects at SOFTlab’s research studio. Focusing on generative tools, his work attempts to blur the boundaries between digital design and the built environment. Ryan received his Bachelor of Architecture from Ohio State University and his Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute. He is currently a visiting critic at the Cornell College of Architecture, Art and Planning.

Nils Hansen – 614 Meteorites chained

Niels Hansen is an award-winning crypto artist and sculptor. His sculptures have been exhibited in public spaces around the world and his digital works have been collected on the most prominent crypto art platforms. They are featured in the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), Whale Collection and have been purchased by other well-known collectors such as MantaXR, Akira and Xray. His studio is based in Berlin and Nils Hansen’s work ranges from time-based digital artworks to complex visual images and monumental sculpture.

Hutton Metaverse was developed by ArHead, the concept of the project is Glyph company. The site is available on the website: (via Google Chrome).

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