Essential Tips Every Traveler Should Know When Visiting Korea

From food to the etiquette of something as simple as blowing your nose, here’s everything travelers should know before their trip to Korea.

South Korea is known as the “Land of the Morning Calm”. It is one of the most attractive and interesting countries and civilizations in the world. South Korea is where Korean celebrities and celebrities live. It is a safe and beautiful country but there are still many things to consider. Here are the various tips that travelers should remember when they visit Korea.

10 Learn basic korean words

The South Korean language is known as Hangul. When visiting the country, travelers should study some basic Korean words. Simple “thank you”, “hello” and other staple Hangul language from travelers will be fully appreciated by the locals. For them, if the tourist speaks using the local language, it is as if the tourists are speaking directly in their heart. It’s also a good idea to carry a phone or even a translator app since most of the signs are printed in Korean.

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9 Respect must be exercised

South Koreans are calm and respectful individuals. They have a strict traditional system and morals are essential. One aspect of Korean culture that is respected and condemned is respect for seniority. Where seniority is present, regardless of age, status, or experience, everyone must show respect. Having said that, tact has always been the best option. Consider showing respect to anyone and everyone, not only the elderly but also people of different age groups, by thanking, apologizing or bowing when appropriate.

8 Do not practice giving advice

Unlike other countries, Koreans are not fond of tips. For them, tipping can be considered rude and disrespectful. The price that customers see on every restaurant and store menu is actually fixed and that’s exactly how much they need to pay. Even taxi drivers do not expect to be compensated for their work, as do employees at local restaurants and hostels.

7 Be careful of the black taxi

Black taxis in Korea are more expensive than luxury taxis. Tourists will face steep fees at the end of the trip if they mistakenly book one. There are also some cases where taxi drivers may refuse to use the taximeter and charge passengers extra money when taking them to their destination. It is also important to ask the driver to print the receipt because it will come in handy if there are problems that may arise.

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6 Check chopsticks!

Koreans do not care about the skill level of eating, but they may criticize based on the behavior of the chopsticks. Unlike other countries that use chopsticks, Korean chopsticks are made of steel and therefore feel differently and are more squishy than wooden chopsticks, which may take some time for foreigners to get used to. So if there is extra time before the trip to Korea, it is best to practice how to use chopsticks correctly!

5 Soju is inexpensive

Soju is one of the best drinks favored by locals in Korea. Soju tastes similar to vodka but lacks the annoying alcohol burn caused by drinking nearly half of the alcohol. It is generally eaten with meals. The drink can also be enjoyed in cocktails mixed with beer and yogurt, as well as flavored fruit juice. Another thing is that it has sweet tastes that can vary from its different flavors.

4 Street food can be seen everywhere

Street food in Korea is many and varied. Examples include spiral kebabs from potato dogs or corn dipped in french fries. Koreans know that this street food will be prepared for them at all times of each day, filling the streets of Seoul. Like every time people walk the streets, there are street delicacies waiting for them. In addition, Gwangjang Market, one of the largest and most influential traditional markets in Seoul, is a well-known destination for trying different types of Korean cuisine.

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3 Eating a meal in public

When dining in public, travelers should know that chatting over dinner in Korea is impolite and should pay attention to discussion topics. When guests say inappropriate things, Koreans find it disrespectful. Make sure you put utensils on the table when eating, as it is considered disrespectful to raise them to lip level. Also, tourists should know that it is unethical to pour their drinks into a club or social gathering because it is the duty of the host to ensure that guests are served.

2 Public display of affection is offensive

In Korea, public display of affection is taboo. In Korea, older people find disrespect when others show outward emotional gestures, such as kissing in public. Younger individuals tend to cuddle close to each other in bars and nightclubs, however, this habit displeases the wider public. In addition, warning statements were broadcast during train journeys. There was also a notice for couples showing excessive intimacy on the subway.

1 Blowing from the nose is not okay

The rules, traditions, and standards of etiquette in South Korea have evolved over time, many of which differ from what is observed in most other countries. It is an unprecedented rule in Korea that blowing the nose is impolite. As a result, if someone eats spicy Korean meals and their nose is falling out, they should wipe — not clean — their nose with a tissue.

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