Fantastic October in Kaluga

Kostina Marina Vasilievna

The first secretary of the Kaluga City Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, a deputy of the City Duma of the city of Kaluga, Marina Kostina, congratulated the people of Kaluga on this important date:

– Red October opened a new era in human history. After creating the power system of the Soviets, VI Lenin’s party laid the foundation for building the world’s first state of workers and peasants.

Realizing the ideals of the Great October Revolution, democracy and justice, our people carried out large-scale modernization, resisted the fight against fascism, created a nuclear missile shield and conquered outer space.

100 years have passed since the Soviet Union was formed. Our great country has become an example of friendship and brotherhood between peoples, has thrown down a bold challenge against all forms of slavery, racism and colonialism.

Today, the world is convinced every day that only socialism provides a reliable recipe for economic crises, social upheavals, brutal wars and cultural degradation.

I am deeply convinced that the future of our planet belongs to socialism.

At the rally, commemorative awards were solemnly awarded to Kaluga residents who restored the monument to the leader of the world proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in the Mirny village of Kaluga: Alexander Mikhailovich Yurasov, Eduard Olegovich Erokhin, Sergey Semyonovich Kolesnik.

Jubilee medals “War children were awarded:

Matveev Vladislav Ivanovich, born January 22, 1941 – labor veteran, shock worker of communist labor, winner of the socialist competitions of the VI, VII and VIII five-year plans.

Petrova Valentina Danilovna, born August 5, 1939 – Labor veteran, 60 years of work experience, winner of the socialist competitions in the VI and VII five-year plans.

Chuvaeva Yulia Afanasyevna, born 11/17/1944 — Veteran of Labor, 44 years of work experience, awarded diploma for excellent work.

Anniversary awards were also given to: Honored Worker of Culture of the Kaluga Region, head of the folk brass band Vladimir Yakovlevich Bynkin, labor veteran Viktor Vladimirovich Shakh, veteran of the armed forces Evgeny Petrovich Sorokin.

The speakers talked about the achievements of the Soviet power and the Great October Socialist Revolution, noting that the main achievement of the Great October Revolution was the creation of the most progressive, just and humane state in the history of the world.

In a unanimously adopted resolution, the rally participants demanded to return the status of a public holiday to November 7, stop the price increase and tariffs for utilities, advocated the adoption of a development budget aimed at financing domestic science and education.

We are convinced that the anti-crisis program of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Soviet experience, the experience of modern China will allow us to restore everything that was destroyed by temporary workers. Only socialism can give the country prosperity and a great future.

We appeal to all who are not indifferent to the future of the country, in the year of the centenary of the Soviet Union, to join the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, a party which can unite all thinking people and all patriotic forces around it to revive a great power.

On this red day in the calendar, the red banner procession was greeted by residents and guests of the city, motorists honked, Kaluga residents and tourists filmed it. At the bus stops they approached, took pictures, exchanged phone numbers, told about the difficulties they are facing today.

The symbol of the revolution – red carnations were placed at the monuments to the founder of the world’s first Soviet state, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in VI

Happy holidays, comrades!

Happy October Day!

Our cause is just, we will win!

Photo by Alexander Gushchin, Vadim Kharlov, Vladimir Krylov

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