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We asked colleagues to tell us what games occupied their free time in childhood. Your stories will be more than welcome!

We maneuver along the memory waves and tell you which computer games we loved the most. This is the third text in the nostalgic cycle for Selectel employees. Read the stories about the first consoles, games and consoles here.

While some played football, raced around Formula 1 tracks and fought fierce battles for outer space, others solved mysteries, raised aliens and beat Winnie the Pooh in Wonderland.

Artemy, systems engineer

Once upon a time, I did not yet have a fast Internet connection to download hundreds of megabytes of games from the Internet. I had to make do with what was on the shelves and exchange something new with my peers. Then Need For Speed​​​​Underground 2, WarCraft 3, Counter Strike 1.6, the first parts of Grand Theft Auto, The Sims, FIFA and other games corresponding to the time were popular. I haven’t gone past all these popular options, but Age Of Mythology caught my attention – even though none of my friends had even heard of it.

Age of Mythology. Source: gamivo.com

I played it for months, introduced my peers to it, and even tried to play it as an adult, but I didn’t get past the second mission. Then the developers created really hard games to complete – although there are probably games like that now.

Serezha, systems engineer

I got my first personal computer in 1999. It was brought by my uncle from a business trip to England. It had Windows 99 installed and games pre-installed: Half-Life, Unreal, TestDrive and Fifa99.

There are many memories associated with the last game! For example, the first month I was sure this was just a football coaching simulator. I had no idea that you can play for any team.

One evening I saw a program on TV about computer games. What a surprise it was when I saw people playing football on the computer!

It turned out that it was enough to just press left or right on one of the screens – and voila. I disappeared for a year: I went through all the championships and was invincible! Just before the first trip to a computer club and a fight with another person. But that’s a whole other story 🙂

FIFA 1999. Source: MobyGames

Nastya, copywriter

Nancy Drew Detective series

Loved the Nancy Drew games. These are detective stories where Nancy investigates murders and other mysterious crimes and solves puzzles in the process.

Nancy Drew. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. Source: Nancy Drew YouTube channel

The beauty of this game series is that no one has ever shown Nancy herself, the players carried out the investigation from the first person – so the immersion was even deeper and more authentic. Together with Nancy, I explored stories of a retro train, a school with troubled teenagers, sunny Venice, the Parisian fashion world and abandoned castles.

Lena, specialist in contextual advertising

My first game is Field of Wonders. I played it at my parents house on an old computer with a huge monitor and an eye shield. He was on velcro.

The game repeated the well-known TV show. There was a “sector award on the drum”, a bankruptcy, two coffins and a girl who opened the letters. Yakubovich was also there – he named the subject to which the hidden word belonged. The rivals were cartoon Soviet heroes: Winnie the Pooh, Owl, Bagheera, Carlson and other characters.

Field of dreams. Source: Wikipedia page for the game

But the most beautiful was the prize in the final. It was socks, toothpicks, toilet seat belts, powder or knickers. I remember that the creators of the game assured that you can write to the management of the “Miracle Field” and get a profit.

I could play this quiz for hours. At the same time, I was very afraid of pressing the wrong place and breaking everything. I was overwhelmed with emotions: interest, excitement and tremors.

Sasha, Technical Support Specialist

Space Rangers: Dominators

The game from the company 1C “Space Rangers: Dominators” was well remembered, I played it several times. In it, it was necessary to control a spaceship and upgrade it, collect or remove resources from NPCs and clear the system of conquerors – Dominator aliens.

At the start you could choose races and classes, degrees of difficulty – from easy to hardcore. Also – skills and boosters for the ship at launch. After some manipulations, the player got into space. The map was divided into sectors named after constellations. The names of big stars added atmosphere.

Space Rangers – 2: Dominators. Source: GameMAG

During the course of the game, there were both turn-based skirmishes with pirates and text missions – from logic puzzles to sentencing a prison sentence. There was also a third type of mission for strategy lovers: participation in the battle with the invaders of the planet.

Separately, I will highlight the musical accompaniment: the tracks complemented the game perfectly.

Masha, Cloud Infrastructure Intern

I loved playing Spore as a kid. The game won my heart because it was the only one with a story.

Spore. Source: EA

The bottom line is to develop a character from the size of a cell to a full-fledged organism. Then you have to conquer the whole planet and start conquering space. I came from school and pumped my “monsters”: I chose the appearance and various attributes, built huts, conquered other tribes.

Graphics by modern standards were lame, but then I had fun! Now that game is associated with the late 2000s, elementary school, and arguing with your brother about who gets to play next.

Lesha, systems engineer

My introduction to PC gaming took place in a computer club in 1999. There I saw a Half-Life shooter for online multiplayer, the so-called DeathMatch mode. For the first time I held a mouse in my hands and did not understand where to press the keyboard. But the game was dynamic and wild.

Little did I know then that I would somehow spend the next 23 years playing Half-Life games and a separate Counter-Strike.

Days passed, seasons and years changed. Counter-Strike 1.0 is out. I remember how, on vacation in Sochi, I wanted to play Half-Life, but everyone around was playing some kind of “contra”. I had to go with them. I didn’t know it was necessary to buy weapons every round, that money was distributed for “frags” and victory. But the long experience of playing Half-Life more than compensated for my lack of familiarity with the new game – I crushed everyone.

Half life. Source: Wikipedia page for the game

I’m still running Counter-Strike version 1.6. Until now, I’m banned from every server I go to (no, I’m not a cheater, I’ve just learned to play too well in 19 years). And, of course, I play CS:GO: as part of the Selectel team, I took third and second place in the IT Challenge Cup.

PS People are divided into two types: those who have completed Half-Life several times, and those who have not reached the end of the intro with cart 🙂

Kirill, Technical Director

At the age of 15, I fell in love with Formula 1 and everything related to it. Shortly before this, in 1988, Accolade released the Grand Prix Circuit game, which marked the beginning of the history of F-1 simulators on PC. Unfortunately, there were few cars and tracks in the game. The process itself was very arcadey, so apart from the fan stamp “there is such a thing”, the game was not deposited in memory.

Microprose Grand Prix. Source: retrogames

“Formula 1” began to be shown on TV in Russia in 1992, so the 1991 season was not remembered by the audience. But on the other hand, a whole game appeared on it – Grand Prix from Microprose.

It was already a really complex simulator: real tracks, lots of cars. It was possible to both ride on the chosen track, and complete the season as a whole. Grand Prix supported a two-player game mode on two computers connected to each other by a serial cable.

I also remember the launch process. There were few “hacked” versions of games and software then, and the very presence of protection was somewhat strange. Each time the program asked to enter a word from a given page of the branding instructions: there were about 100 options in total, and only 10 words were documented.

Andrew, editor

Heroes of Might and Magic

I spent the summer of 2002 with Heroes. In the same year, the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their album By the Way. In my memory, the cards of the game are closely intertwined with these songs, and not with the genius music of Heroes.

I remember there was an Artmoney program that allowed you to cast, say, 1,000,000 hobbits. But cheating quickly became boring, it was more interesting for me to recruit an army myself.

Heroes of Might and Magic III. Source: Fantasy World

When a colleague recently said at a planning meeting that “astrologers have announced a week …”, my heart warmed and a sprightly Universally Speaking played in my head. Good times, good times.

Misha, copywriter

“Kirov reports”

Every match in Red Alert 2 started with a scream. It was an era when iron doors appeared on the front doors, but telephones and intercoms had not yet appeared. To gather all my friends in the morning, when the time in the computer club goes with a 50% discount, I had to scream under the windows.

The Red Alert 2 strategy surprisingly combined recognizable elements of Soviet and Western culture in an alternate history setting. If you built a laboratory near the Soviets, it was with a church dome. If he deployed the base for the Alliance, there was a blue “Ford” emblem on it.

Both civilizations had key technologies around which defense industries were built. The Soviets have Tesla-designed tanks, turrets and lightning-firing soldiers. The Alliance has prismatic weapons and teleportation. It is worth noting that Red Alert 2 is really cool balanced, so every game was a surprise. For every French big gun there was a platoon of Kirov airships.

In Red Alert 2, everything myth-making about the 20th century seems to have come true: spies with the Russian name Tanya, nuclear weapons in Iraq (game from 2000), fighting with dolphins and cloning vessels.

For the first ten minutes we didn’t attack each other openly, but we did little dirty tricks. They planted spies, attacked harvesters, blew up oil rigs. In an hour (for 4 rubles) we usually managed to identify the winner twice, and in the last 5 minutes we finished playing CS 1.5, but that’s a completely different story.

Red Alert 2. Source: iXBT.com

The summer of 2002 ended with the opening of a fishing shop in our favorite club’s location.

Which games and consoles do you miss the most? Tell us – write your story in the comments, and we’ll publish the best ones on the blog.

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