Forum for the Knowledge Society “PRO Space” was held in Vladikavkaz

Researchers and practitioners, technologists and developers, leading experts in the field of space research and innovation discussed with young people mysteries and facts, achievements and goals, current issues and global challenges in connection with studies and exploration of outer space.

The format of the event provides free participation. There were many who wanted to get acquainted with the mysterious world of space: about a hundred young people came to the space lecture hall in the hall of SOGU’s scientific library. Participants discussed with guests projects for domestic and secular cosmonautics, security issues at various stages of their scientific and practical implementation, work in the space industry and preparations for it, they will take apart the “universal” myths and verified data.

Lecturers impressed, despite their young age, with their knowledge and broad vision.

Dmitry Epshtein, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Researcher at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Popularizer of Science, came to North Ossetia from Novosibirsk:

– I came to Vladikavkaz to tell the guys about what is happening in space, how we look for life in different places. We will dispel the myths about space, astronautics and astronomy that we have in our heads, even though astronomy is already 5,000 years old, and we have been flying into space for work for more than 60 years. Although we live in the space age, we have a fairly large number of misconceptions about the world around us. I put together questions from my previous lectures to tell the guys what’s really going on. I teach at a school for gifted children, there are only 4 of them in the country – in Novosibirsk, Moscow, the Urals and St. Petersburg. Petersburg. In addition, I teach astronomy at Novosibirsk Pedagogical University and a course in general astronomy at Novosibirsk State University of Telecommunications and Informatics, Epstein told our correspondent.

Inventor, popularizer of science, member of the Youth Council of the Russian Space Society, participant in the program to create a lunar base on the moon together with the NPO. SA Lavochkina Nikita Matasov from Yaroslavl gave a lecture “The World from the Void” and “Cosmonautics in our life”, talked about how our universe came into being, where the diversity around us came from, and about space technologies that have been studied and developed in recent years and has become popular thanks to space. “We use them in everyday life, even in the kitchen, there are many such techniques,” says the researcher.

Georgy Lisitsin shared his experience of preparing cosmonauts for adaptation, work and emergency activities under conditions of weightlessness, non-standard physical and psycho-emotional states and strains.

And Denis Prudnik, the leading promoter of astronautics in the Russian Federation, the founder of the project “We Believe in Space”, a participant in the selection of astronauts, revealed the secrets of modern domestic astronautics.

REFERENCE. The lecture hall “Exploring Outer Space” is held as part of the federal education project “Smart Route”, organized by the Russian society “Knowledge”. The project involves leading practitioners, scientists, successful entrepreneurs and artists. In forums, lecture halls and marathons dedicated to history, science, modern technology, architecture, art, sports, leadership, information security and other topics, experts share their experiences with school children and students, motivating young people to creative activities and the realization of their experiences. talents.

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