Free tours and Saturday coffee at Cosmonautics and Aviation Center at VDNKh

On April 27 and 30, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center at VDNKh will host excursions “People and Space”, “Space Cities of Russia”, as well as Saturday coffee at Cosmos. Participation in all activities is free, upon pre-registration.

On April 27 at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00 there will be excursions “People and space”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of cosmonaut Valery Polyakov (holder of the world record – the longest flight to space). The exhibition of the Center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” broadly presents the pages of the history of the development of space technology. Here you can see models of launchers, ships and satellites, powerful engines and automatic interplanetary stations, each of which in different years was a real breakthrough in the history of practical astronautics. During the excursions, visitors will learn about the people who worked to turn these bold ideas into reality, those who ensured the first successes of the Soviet space program and did everything to make space travel possible.

Valery Polyakov was born on April 27, 1942 in Tula. On June 25, 1965, he graduated from the 1st Moscow Medical Institute. IM Sechenov and received a medical degree. In 1976 he defended his dissertation for a medical science candidate, in 1999 he became a doctor of medical science and professor of medicine. The first spaceflight was made from August 29, 1988 to April 27, 1989 with the Soyuz TM-6 spacecraft and the Mir station. The flight time was more than 240 days. The second flight – from 8 January 1994 to 22 March 1995 with the Soyuz TM-18 spacecraft and the Mir station – became the longest in history (more than 437 days). Pre-registration required.

On April 30 at 12:00, Cosmonautics and Aviation Center invites to another Saturday coffee at Cosmos. This is a new format for educational activities that appeared at the exhibition this year. In a friendly atmosphere in the lecture hall over a cup of coffee, the participants will talk about the news of science. This time the meeting’s name is “Top Resorts of the Solar System”, and the invited specialist will be an astrophysicist, science-popular Vsevolod Lander. Guests will discuss why and what type of life scientists are looking for in the immediate vicinity of the sun and other issues. Participation through registration.

On April 30 at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00 there will be excursions “Russia’s space cities”. Visitors will learn about various “space cities” in Russia and about the companies of the space industry. All of them are our country’s honor and pride, making it one of the leading space powers in the world. Registration on the website.

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