Holidays are within reach if you only travel 24 hours and get creative, says single parent and budget traveler

Twenty dollars, full of food, a tank, and a sense of adventure was all Amy Kinder, Bendigo’s single mother, needed to start exploring the world around her.

Hiking on the road and seeing different parts of Australia is something Ms Kinder has always wanted to do. But since she lacks time and is a single parent, she thought it was almost impossible.

“As a single parent, I was poor in time and short of money. Family members were going on vacations abroad and doing these wonderful things.

But the change in attitude and desire to travel inspired Kinder to look at holidays in a different way.

“I realized how cheap it can be,” she said. “Take the food and pack my food, this can turn it into a really cheap adventure, only go for 24 hours.”

Kinder, who was joined by her daughters aged 19, 18 and 8, said the adventures gave them something to talk about during the pandemic.

“They absolutely love it. It’s downtime and quality time they spend with me in my happy space.”

Sleeping in the back of her car at Barron Heads, Amy made her car as comfortable as possible.(Supplied: Amy Kinder)

push the limits

Getting out on the road and exploring wasn’t an easy move for Kinder, but it was something she was determined to do.

“I remember the first time I was taking my baby away, it was just me and my baby, and I had to make all the decisions myself, it was pretty spontaneous with no real planning or timing, it was so annoying,” she said.

Since the first flight, Mrs. Kinder has built her self-confidence and said upon seeing Australia, you are only limited by your imagination.

Sometimes Mrs. Kinder pays for the accommodations, but most of the time with the car seats pushed down and a double mattress, Mrs. Kinder calls home for the night.

She is looking for places to outfit her car for the night in locations with a view that others would envy.

A plate of bacon and eggs with toast, on a table overlooking the beach in the background
Breakfast with a view cooked on a barbecue on the beach in Port Lincoln, South Australia.(Supplied: Amy Kinder)

inspire others

My Mom Is Gone Again, a Facebook page where Ms. Kinder shares her adventures with other single parents and people wondering how they can do what she does.

The page has attracted a healthy following and can inspire armchair travelers to pack their bags in and out.

“It’s not really that hard. You just have to be open to the idea of ​​it.”

Australia is a great place to explore, and Mrs. Kinder’s travels are inspiring.

“I’ve been on an adventure for 24 hours, and I didn’t make a master plan until I got to the end of my driveway,” she explained.

“I took the kids on a ride around Tasmania and the four of us slept in the car and in the residence.

“For solo trips, I’ve traveled to Port Lincoln in South Australia and taken my time traveling up the coast back to Victoria. I’ve been touring around New Zealand as well.”

The photo was taken inside the back of the car, with the legs positioned in front.  Outside the window you can see a wonderful view of the beach
Amy finds perfect locations to park and spend the night, usually with a great view. (Supplied: Amy Kinder)

stay safe

In all her adventures, Mrs. Kinder takes no risks. She is well aware of the risks a single female traveler can face, but she fends off this by making smart choices.

“I took my mom for a ride and showed her some of the places I was driving,” said Ms. Kinder.

“She was worried about how safe I would be. And when she realized where I was, she said, ‘This is a very safe place.'”

“There was lighting near where I parked or it was in the middle of Main Street in Mansfield or next to a stadium in Tasmania, which gave her confidence and she was really proud of me.”

For her latest adventure, Kinder is exploring Queensland for the next few weeks.


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