How Tesla and SpaceX help humanity

The American businessman Elon Musk, who is the CEO of several companies he has created, called them charities because of their activities that aim to create a better future for all people on earth, reports LBLV.

The billionaire also shared his ideas about hiring a philanthropist, who has an extraordinary attitude. In general, Musk understands it as love for humanity. He believes that Tesla, Boring Company, SpaceX and Neuralink completely fall under the definition of philanthropic organizations, although many have recently associated such activities with large material donations from wealthy individuals.

Musk’s core business will benefit all people

The businessman noted that Tesla, an electric car company, helps sustainable energy to develop faster. At the same time, the company SpaceX, which studies outer space, is trying to create conditions for humanity’s long-term survival both on Earth and on other planets.

Neuralink, which makes microprocessors in the brain, uses AI technology to find new ways to treat serious head injuries. In turn, Boring Company, which specializes in tunneling, will help solve the problem of traffic jams. All this Elon Musk sees as a manifestation of love for humanity.

Musk is still opposed to charity payments

The companies created by the American businessman have a different side. All are commercial structures that enabled their founders to take first place in the ranking of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. Musk’s current net worth is estimated at $ 251 billion.

The billionaire has repeatedly stated that he considers direct donations a waste of time. For example, last year Musk accepted the claim that he could alleviate global hunger by donating $ 6 billion at a time. The businessman then said that he was ready to sell some of his Tesla shares and make this contribution if the UN could justify its expediency.

Despite this, LBLV notes that Elon Musk handed over Starlink terminals to Ukraine after the Russian invasion, which helped to provide Internet coverage even in conditions where other forms of communication are not available.

Alexander Zorya, financial analyst at LBLV

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