How to celebrate Cosmonautics Day 2022 in Perm: time and place for the meeting, program

An important day in Russia’s history is approaching – the day of cosmonautics. Photo: Photo: Historical park “Russia – My history”

An important day in Russia’s history is approaching – the day of cosmonautics. On this day, April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first in the world to fly into space and orbit the earth. Cosmonautics Day has been celebrated annually since April 12, 1962 and marks humanity’s victory over gravity, the beginning of space exploration, which realized humanity’s long-held dream of flying to the stars.

We report the details of how to celebrate Cosmonautics Day 2022 in Perm in a bright, rich and profitable way.


As part of the celebration of Cosmonautics Day 2022, guests at the multimedia complex “Russia – My History” will learn about Perm’s contribution to the development of domestic cosmonautics, will be able to complete a “space” quest, join a creative workshop.

On April 9 and 16, 2022, excursions “Let’s make roads to distant stars …” will take place. Participants will remember the designs of space technology, the stages of space exploration, complete tasks and solve “space” puzzles. The tours start at 15:00.

Registration required: https://myhistoryperm–

Until April 17, 2022, a special program for school students “Days of Space in the Historical Park” will be held. Children will visit thematic excursions, participate in the mission “Forward, to the stars!” and a master class “Space landscape in the technique of scratching”. Scratching is a graphic technique where a drawing is “scraped” on a piece of paper or cardboard.

Pre-registration is required to participate in the program. You can register and get more information by phone: 8 (342) 207-73-43. (6+)

The historical park “Russia – my history” is waiting for the address: Perm, st. Monastyrskaya, 2, building 1 (river station).


On April 12, 2022, Perm Planetarium invites you to participate in several events:

10:00 – “The Lesson Against Yu.A. Gagarin” (6+). An informative and fascinating story about the earth’s first artificial satellite, about the life and achievements of the first cosmonaut, a man who “embraced” the earth during his flight and showed courage and courage.

11:30 – “A story about space travel” (6+). Once upon a time, the inhabitants of the forest empire Baba Yaga, Lesovik and Vodyanoy were in Star City, where the astronauts prepared for the flight and learned why artificial satellites are needed, what weightlessness, overloads, the earth’s gravity, how a rocket takes off.

13:00 – “Star Trek Astronaut” (6+). A story about the earth’s first artificial satellites, about the life and achievements of the world’s first astronaut on planet earth, about the preparations of astronauts for flight.

15:00 – “Journey with the light” (6+). A story about different scenarios that reveal the complexity of light and its direct impact on our planet.

17:00 – “Discovering the Invisible Universe” (12+). A story about the beauty and immensity of the universe.

April 13, 2022 at 19:00, Perm Planetarium invites you to the concert “Vivaldi Universe” (0+) with the participation of Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. On the program are: violin concerto “Storm on the sea”, concerts for strings in G minor, G major, C minor, D major.

Perm Planetarium is waiting for the address: Perm, Gagarin Boulevard, 27A.

From April 7 to April 14, 2022, as part of the celebration of Cosmonautics Day 2022, you can test your skills in the all-Russian education campaign “Dictation in Astronomy and Cosmonautics”, which is held online with the support of Samara University. (12+)

Registration is required at the link:

Contact information:

Dushanina Irina Igorevna, tel. +7 (846) 267-47-94. Email:

Feoktistova Irina Alexandrovna, tel. +7 (846) 267-47-93. Email:


Cosmonautics Day 2022 in Perm will traditionally be celebrated with the Yuri’s Night party, an international non-profit initiative dedicated to the day of the first manned flight to space. Its purpose is to popularize scientific knowledge and space, astronautics, technologies, ideas and meanings of space exploration.

In Perm, Yuri’s Night will be part of the popular science film festival FUTURE.DOC, which takes place April 8-14, 2022.

April 12, 2022, Yuri’s Night will be hosted Private Philharmonic “Triumph” (Perm, Lenina st., 44).

17:00 – Lecture by Grigory Safronov on the telescope in Baikal, which can receive information about the largest objects and events in the universe. A participant in the Baikal GVD experiment will talk about the design of the telescope and the first scientific results. (16+)


18:30 – The film “Cosberg worked” about those who enabled the first manned flight into space, but stayed behind the scenes (16+).


19:30 – Lecture by Sergey Nazarov on modern technology that makes it possible to capture the pulsations of stars thousands of light-years away and even explore black holes that are invisible by definition. (16+)


21:00 – Meeting via video link with astronaut and astrobiologist Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, who will talk about the idea of ​​celebrating St. George’s Night in the USA, the sensations of weightlessness, preparing space tourists for space travel. (16+)


On April 12, surprises await in the program Yuri’s Night – a tasting of space food from the space nutrition laboratory Astrofood and a physical laboratory for children. You can also buy Matroskin cat home merch and series, manga and gifts from COMMIX. (6+)

Detailed program for the FUTURE.DOC festival at the link:


On April 10, 2022, Iskra Ski Club will hold a traditional 10 km race to honor the Cosmonautics Day weekend. (12+)

Location: “Iskra” ski lodge (Perm, Tselinnaya st., 2A / 2). Starts at 10:00.


April 12, 2022 – Online lecture by Anna SuinOrova “How was space in art and how outsider artists portrayed the universe ”(12+). This is a story about the images of the cosmos in visionary and outsider art, which is outside the usual system of art and received a colossal recognition only at the end of the 20th century.

Meeting place – Website of the Association of Municipal Libraries in Perm

From 8 to 15 April children’s library №15 (Perm, pr. Parkovy, 16) invites children and parents to participate in a quiz game dedicated to Cosmonautics Day 2022.

Contact phone: 207-51-39.


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