IKI RAS discussed challenges, solutions and breakthroughs in space science

On October 4, 2021, the 65th year of the space age began – it was on this day in October 1957 that the first artificial earth satellite, the Soviet spacecraft, was launched for the first time in the world. “Sputnik-1”.

To honor this event, a scientific session was held at the Space Research Institute (IKI RAS) “The scientific space of the 21st century: challenges, solutions, breakthroughs”, during which researchers discussed the most important events and trends in Russian and space science.

The speakers spoke about the development of manned cosmonautics in our country and in the world, the possibilities for satellite monitoring of the carbon budget in the forests of Russia, the results of work on the world’s first high-peak hydrometeorological spacecraft, the study of the universe in X-rays – the mission of the Russian astrophysical observatory -RG »(SWG) – and touched on other current issues in space science.

“We expect that the new space year will be very eventful. We hope that a flotilla of scientific spacecraft will be formed, which will cover almost all branches of Russian space science. We are talking about the projects” Luna-25 “,” ExoMars ” , “Ionosphere”, “Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the director of IKI RAS at the beginning of the scientific session. AA Petrokovich.

The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences joined the online conference AM Sergeev, as well as researchers from the regions. The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences noted that in recent years, the attention of scientists around the world has been drawn to a new direction of research – the study of exoplanets in our universe.

“It is very important that our plans for the development of scientific space – the Spektr-UF projects and the construction of a transport and energy module (Space Tug) – are very well projected in this direction of the challenge,” AM Sergeev.

Professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director of Research, spoke about the scientific session that took place at IKI RAS in a conversation with “Scientific Russia” AA Lutovinov:

“In our space research institute, this event has already become a tradition. It is held annually as part of Days of Space Science. Two years ago, for example, we hosted a very interesting conference” Road to Space “dedicated to space education. At today’s scientific session “On the one hand, important scientific results are summarized and, on the other hand, future prospects are discussed. If you look at the topics in today’s reports, you will see that it covers almost the entire spectrum of space science,” commented AA Lutovinov.

Participation in the scientific session “Scientific space of the XXI century: challenges, solutions, breakthroughs” accepted by academics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific director of the research institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences LM GreenCorresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RKK Energia) VA Solovyovsenior researcher, IKI RAS VA Arefievhead of the regional center for the reception and processing of satellite data, FGBU “Far Eastern UGMS” LS Kramareva and other scientists.

“Our country has three important dates – three indisputable successes that one can be proud of throughout the rest of history. This is May 9, 1945, when we defeated the Nazi invaders, this is October 4, 1957, when humanity for the first time in the world, represented by the Soviet Union, launched a spacecraft into space, and, of course, on April 12, 1961, when our compatriot Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin became the first person in history to fly into space, “commented the academic at the Russian Academy of Sciences in an interview with Scientific Russia in the early 65th year of the space age LM Zelenath.

Today, within the framework of Days of Space Science, IKI RAS also hosts the first international conference on space education “Road to Space”. It will run until October 8.

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“The scientific space of the XXI century: challenges, solutions, breakthroughs” / Video: IKI RAS

Photo on the main page of the website: Nikolai Mokhnachev, Scientific Russia.

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