In Bashkiria, Tsiolkovsky’s great-grandson spoke of the laws of the universe

– There are 16 items on the list, – said Sergey Samburov. “So far we have completed only the lightest ones – we made spacesuits, created a small space station where a person can live. But this station still needs constant communication with Earth – it needs access to water, food. Devices with food, water, air regeneration systems that will move without the participation of the Earth, at least in our solar system, have not yet been created. We are treading water. We have been doing the same thing for 35 years. And he said that it is necessary to arrange large-scale settlements around the Earth. It was possible to create greenhouses during this time, learn to grow plants in hydroponics, so we could go further, we need to think about how to grow food not to depend on trucks from earth, but to fly to other planets.

— But Konstantin Eduardovich didn’t just write about astronautics, right?

— Tsiolkovsky published 600 works. And only a third of them are about astronautics. And two thirds – about the structure of life on Earth and in space. In addition, he considered work with astronautics to be secondary. Most important to him was research into cosmism and the structure of life on Earth and in the universe. He dreamed with his work to advance humanity at least a little, so that people would be happy and rich. This was the main purpose of his life. Space was not an end in itself for him. He believed that it was necessary to go into space so that children were born in zero gravity. Such children will be smarter. And the smarter a person is, the happier he is, because he has the intelligence not to do bad things.

He devoted many works to research – who we are, why we are, why we live here. He assumed we were picked up by a planet with conditions suitable for life. Unfortunately, a person on our planet is not very protected, he is very dependent on the availability of sunlight, oxygen, water and food. But despite the rather fragile device, people survive. He also wrote about the multilevel mind. The mind that is above us we call God. He decided who is God to man and who is God to that God. He wrote that other intelligent beings descend from a person – animals, plants, stones and beyond, it is endless.

Many of his works are devoted to the philosophy of scientific belief – how to communicate with other civilizations and whether it is necessary to communicate with them. When you are in contact with other civilizations, it is not at all necessary for good green three-meter uncles to come to earth and raise the pensions of all pensioners. To the higher mind we are the same insects as ants or bees are to us. Both ants and bees have a clear organization of work and life, that is, without a doubt, whole civilizations, but any person can easily destroy, for example, an anthill. So are we for higher civilizations. And we cannot reach civilizations equal to us, because the technology does not allow us – perhaps, millions of light years away, there are beings like us, but with the current level of development of our engines, we simply cannot reach them.

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