Japan wants to build bases on Mars and the moon. What will they be?

Our Zen channel has an article about what houses built on Mars will look like. For example, the French company Interstellar Labs imagines that Martian houses so many glass domes, inside which one can grow plants and do other “earthly” things. And the organization AI Space Factory wants the future inhabitants of Mars to live in huge buildings in the form of hives. At the same time, it is important that they want to build these structures from materials that already exist on the surface of Mars. All of these projects are very interesting, but not all companies prioritize the presence of gravity inside these structures, which people need for a comfortable life. Recently, experts from Japan talked about their version of the house for Mars – inside they have gravity that is comfortable for humans, which is created in a very unusual way.

Approximate appearance for lunar base Kajima Construction

The danger of weightlessness for humans

Space is a very unfriendly place that does not spare human health. Not only is there a lot of radiation, but also the lack of gravity greatly destroys the human body. Recently, scientists have found that for each month of their stay in space, astronauts lose 1-2% of their bone density. This is due to the fact that in the absence of gravity there is no strain on their legs and muscles and they simply weaken. After returning from space, many astronauts develop osteoporosis and, presumably, survive – there is no exact data on this yet.

Space destroys the astronauts’ legs, and this is an irreversible process

Based on this, we can conclude that future buildings of humans on Mars and other space objects should be equipped with artificial gravity. There is no other way, because human health is at stake. Only some people are already fit to fly into space, and if this has such terrible consequences, there will be even fewer people who want to study outer space.

Какими будут самолеты для полетов на Марсе? Читайте тут.

What will be the houses on Mars and the moon?

Recently, Japanese researchers from the University of Kyoto began collaborating with Kajima Construction. Together, they want to develop a facility where visitors to Mars, the moon and other space objects can live. The house for the astronauts of the future is planned to be made in the form of a huge tower up to 400 meters high and up to 200 meters in diameter. The structure will rotate around its axis at a speed of three revolutions per minute. Thus, a centrifugal force will be created, which will provide humans with gravity.

The structure will rotate around its axis and create artificial gravity

The building is planned to be equipped with a residential area where people can eat, relax and do everything else. In addition, the system can acquire a special place where the view of the sea and the forest is recreated – so to speak, so that the astronauts do not forget their homeland.

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Build a base on Mars and the moon

In addition to Mars, a huge structure is planned to travel to the moon – they will be called Mars Glass and Lunar Glass. The developers hope that in the construction it will be possible to use materials that are available directly on sky objects. Otherwise they will have to be retrieved from the earth, which will be very expensive and take a long time. The most optimistic forecast says that the construction of houses on the Moon and Mars will begin in the second half of the 21st century. However, such plans are often not fulfilled and the deadlines are postponed.

Demonstration of the project by Japanese specialists

In addition to the Mars Glass and Lunar Glass structures, Japanese specialists want to create the Hexagon Space Track transport infrastructure. With its help, it is planned to facilitate flights between Earth, the moon and Mars – so space travel will be faster and safer. For the operation of this system, it will be necessary to build additional stations on the Mars satellite Phobos, as well as in the orbits of the moon and the earth. This project sounds even more amazing than houses on Mars and the moon, so no one has announced the time for the start.

One day, flights between these three objects will take less time

From everything written above, one gets the impression that this is another concept that will never be created in reality. On the other hand, manned flights to the Moon and Mars should be implemented in the coming decades and after them they can become regular. Initially, astronauts will be able to live inside spacecraft, but then they may need more stable housing.

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Do you think that Japanese researchers and Kajima Construction will be able to turn their ideas into reality? Share your opinion in the comments.

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