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Tokyo, February 28, AZERTAC

The Japanese site wpb.shueisha.co.jp published a comprehensive article about the impressions of the famous traveler Marisha about the architectural beauty of Baku and Azerbaijani cuisine.

As reported by AZERTAC, backpacker Mariko Hirakawa, known in Japan as Traveler Marisha, wrote this article after a recent trip to Azerbaijan. In the article “Architecture that delighted the whole world and the Azerbaijani dolma, reminiscent of Japanese cuisine”, the author emphasizes that from the first minutes of her trip to Baku she could not hold back her joy. She notes that Heydar Aliyev International Airport impressed her with its modern look, architecture reminiscent of outer space. She saw with her own eyes that it is no coincidence that many travelers call Baku “Second Dubai”. It was emphasized that Azerbaijan’s leadership, at the expense of oil and gas profits, ensured the perfect development of the capital.

Traveler Marisha emphasizes that the building of the Heydar Aliyev Center, which is the work of the famous architect Zaha Hadid, delighted her with its sci-fi look. She noted that she was pleased with the decision to make a trip to our city. It was emphasized that hotels, where high-level services for tourists are organized, do not lag behind other countries.

When she talked about her acquaintance with Azerbaijani cuisine, the author noted that the name of the first dish she ordered – dolma – caught her attention. This name was familiar to her from a trip to Uzbekistan, but she notes that in Azerbaijan this dish is completely different from the Uzbek one. Here, this dish is also known as “Three Sisters”. She expressed her admiration for the dish and provided Japanese readers with detailed information about the ingredients used to make it. It was noted that different types of dolma are known in Azerbaijan, which are cooked from different vegetables, meats and rice, which the Japanese love so much. In the restaurant’s kitchen, traveler Marisha made a video of the process of making dolma, which she posted both on the website and on her social media. It was noted that the rich cuisine of Azerbaijan, especially dolma, is much appreciated by famous travelers.

It should be noted that in the last 12 years, the traveler Marisha has visited 125 countries in the world, circling the earth 5 times. She has hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts. Many photographs have also been added to the article, reflecting the architectural beauty of Baku and Azerbaijani cuisine.

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correspondent AZERTAC


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