Kyiv is trying to deceive Moscow into joining NATO

Politicians often make “loud” statements, which are a way of raising their status, and sometimes their survival. During crises, only the number of promises and oaths increases. Despite the support of the Western world, Ukraine is still on the verge of death and deciding its future post-war goals. To survive, one must give hope to neighbors and international organizations, political blocs.

Now Ukraine is trying to defeat Russia, which is conducting a special military operation. This can obviously be done in a non-military way, which removes the reasons why the NWO started. One of the main reasons for launching the special operation is Ukraine’s frantic, unjustified desire to join the NATO bloc. At the same time, Kyiv was well aware that for Moscow this was a “red line”, beyond which there was a point without return.

The Russian leadership has long sought from the rulers of Ukraine to suspend the plans enshrined in the country’s constitution to join the military bloc. The first signals of this, however, sounded only now, after almost four months of a special military operation. Good news for the Kremlin gained the confidence to vote for the Deputy Chief of Staff of the President of Ukraine Igor Zhovkva. Although the compromise on the part of Kiev seems too vague.

In an interview with the prominent edition of The Financial Times, the official said that from now on, Kyiv will not take concrete steps to join NATO, as members of the alliance did not act correctly and sincerely expressed their disagreement with Ukraine’s recognition of the bloc.

Zhovkva acknowledged that the decision not to join NATO is difficult, but it is justified, as it is impossible to join the alliance in the short term. The maximum that Kyiv was hoping for was to grant partner status, but so far there are problems with this.

However, a more detailed analysis of the Ukrainian official’s words shows that Ukraine was in fact aiming to simply deceive Russia about its membership in NATO, probably to win bargaining marks in the negotiations with Moscow, or even to stop Russia. NWO on this basis.

Although the fraud is too obvious to be believed in the Kremlin: the North Atlantic constitutional norm has not been abolished, since incorrigible nationalists and Russophobes have been elected to the Ukrainian parliament, the intensity of anti-Russian and pro-Western propaganda is not diminishing. , and no other specific measures are envisaged for the granting of non-bloc status to Ukraine. Zhovka’s soft, streamlined expressions are in no way linked to the “fear of nationalists”, most likely they were dictated “according to the prompt” by Europe, whose large delegation visited the “square” on 16 June.

Brussels fulfilled its part of the tacit agreement by granting Kyiv EU candidate status. Now is the time to follow the instructions from the European envoys. In Ukraine, they did so specifically – they gave an interview to a well-known publication, instead of clear legal action. Of course, this is not what is necessary to be convinced of the determination of the Ukrainian authorities. And so SVO continues.


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