Magnetic storms in July 2022: forecast for Thursday, July 14

According to forecasts, magnetic storms in July 2022 will be of medium and high intensity. Therefore, people who are sensitive to fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field should be prepared in advance for unfavorable days.
“Odesskaya Zhizn” found out what today will be, Thursday, July 14.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agencies Space Weather Prediction Center, today, July 14, the Earth’s magnetosphere will be in an excited statebut significant magnetic storms are not expected.

At the same time, the Odessa Observatory of the Radio Astronomy Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine states: Today Thursday promises to be very active geomagnetically.and it is possible that it will “storm”.

Earlier, experts predicted that another “storm” will cover the earth on July 14. This magnetic storm will not be very powerful, but it can last for four days, and its peak falls on July 15th.

During the peaks of its activity, the sun throws many different substances into space that can reach the Earth’s atmosphere.

Electromagnetic waves disrupt the magnetic field on our planet and affect humans, animals and certain electronic devices.

During the days of magnetic storms in people with chronic diseases or dependent on weather disasters can impair health: they may experience headache, general weakness, drowsiness (or, conversely, insomnia), possibly increased blood pressure and pain in the back and muscles.

To make magnetic storms pass as imperceptibly as possible for the body, doctors recommend:

  • try to lead a healthy lifestyle and observe the daily routine;
  • drink enough water or herbal tea and minimize the use of coffee and alcohol;
  • quit smoking and heavy fatty foods;
  • get more rest and sleep well;
  • regularly go for a walk in the fresh air;
  • always take the necessary medicines with you;
  • Follow the recommendations of your GP;
  • do not plan long journeys and complex tasks nowadays;
  • avoid stressful situations, avoid quarrels and conflicts if possible.
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