Magnetic storms in late September: when to expect a powerful geostrike

Magnetic storms are caused by eruptions on the Sun, which cause charged particles to enter space. Some of them manage to penetrate the Earth’s magnetic field, and therefore fluctuations occur, reports with reference to

According to the forecast, by the end of September 2022, those who depend on the weather will have to face many magnetic storms at the same time:

a weak magnetic storm is predicted on September 22: only weather-dependent people will feel its impact.

September 23 will be a 3-point magnetic storm.

On September 26-30, the strongest and longest-lasting magnetic storm is expected. A strong eruption is expected at the end of the month. Disturbance will begin with a storm with a strength of three points on September 29, after which their level will reach 5 points on September 30, and in the evening the strength of disquiet will be 6 points and will last until the first days of next month.

Do not forget that there are several tips that will help a person spend this period more easily.

Preparing for a magnetic storm is all about following simple recommendations. To feel good you need:

  • keep medications ready;
  • eat natural products;
  • introduce a healthy diet;
  • does not disturb the sleep pattern;
  • walk more often and for a long time;
  • do not go to crowded places;
  • do not use public transport;
  • ventilate work areas;
  • maintain physical and moral strength;
  • do not drink alcohol, carbonated, energy drinks;
  • cook low-calorie foods;
  • fight bad habits

You must try to spend as little time as possible in front of the television, computer or phone.

If the state of health during the days of increased magnetic activity causes significant discomfort, you should seek help from a medical institution.

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