Mikhail Evraev visited school No. 32 named after VV Tereshkova

The educational institution was opened to students after a major overhaul carried out as part of the Path to the Stars project.

The renovation was made possible thanks to the first female cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova, and the support of the project at the federal level.

The head of the region examined the premises of the school: Valentina Tereshkova’s room museum, the assembly hall, the wardrobe, the dining room, the library, the Mendeleev class.

“Our main task is to create all the conditions for our children to receive a quality education. To do this, we need new schools, as modern as this one, classrooms with modern equipment, a wide network of “Points of Growth”, “Quantoriums”, additional educational circles for schoolchildren, – said Mikhail Evraev.

For the new school year 2022-2023, as part of the design project Path to the Stars, the school building built in 1935 was restored to its historical appearance. The facade and classical columns have been restored. The design of each floor corresponds to its theme: earth, air, space, planets. This can be seen in the color scheme of all rooms, in design, selection of furniture.

The special pride of the school was its comfort for students and teachers – cozy classrooms, new equipment and furniture, recreation and dining areas were also updated.

In the foyer by the main staircase, a public space has been created where students can relax. The highlight of the interior is the mock-up of the Vostok rocket, which launched the Vostok-6 spacecraft into low Earth orbit. It was on this ship that the first female astronaut flew into space. Here, in the center of the foyer, there is a portrait of Valentina Tereshkova, created by a young Russian artist Pavel Galanin.

Last year, the first Mendeleev class was solemnly opened at school No. 32, this year a new set of Mendeleev students took place. From September 1, students start reading subjects already in new classes, in digital laboratories in chemistry, physics, biology, in robotics laboratories, in computer modeling and design classrooms.

Opening classes with deepening of subjects starting from school No. 32 named after VV Tereshkova was a continuation of cooperation with universities to popularize in-depth studies of chemical and biological subjects among high school students. On the initiative of VV Tereshkova, since 2020, the school has implemented the University Saturdays project, which is aimed at high school students who plan to connect their lives with natural sciences. The school’s plans include an in-depth study of subjects at primary and secondary level.

According to Mikhail Evraev, it is important that teachers who are truly passionate about their work teach children. Therefore, the regional government will initiate new support measures to make the work of teachers in Yaroslavl schools even more attractive. There are also plans to expand the Zemsky Teacher program for teachers working in rural areas.

Photo: portal of the government of the Yaroslavl region.


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