Moldova launched the first satellite, the question of jobs on Mars is still open

On the night between 14 and 15 July, the nanosatellite TUMnanoSAT created at the Technical University of Moldova (TUM) was launched into space.

Chisinau has long planned to join the space program Ilona mask and now the first step has been taken. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket delivered a satellite to the International Space Station, TUM said. The unit was created with the support of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA (JAXA).

“In accordance with the standard procedure, astronauts must place a satellite in space using a robotic arm. The launch is scheduled for the first half of August,” the university said.

The creation of the TUMnanoSAT satellite began in July 2019 and ended in October 2021 as part of the state program “Development and creation of a series of small satellites for the research mission of the International Space Station and the promotion of space technology.” The satellite is a 10 cm high cube, which weighs just over a kilo. The unit is equipped with sensors for orientation in space, communication and a solar battery.

After passing all the tests at the Institute of Space Sciences in Romania, TUMnanoSAT was sent to the Japanese space agency JAXA, which took over the transport of the nanosatellite from Moldova to the United States. It is expected that Moldovan students with its help will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of various systems and conduct their own research.

This is Moldova’s first experience of space exploration, the main thing is that it does not work, as in a joke: “No matter how many Moldovan scientists invented a new vaccine, they still got Cabernet Sauvignon wine.”

Moldova has long planned to conquer outer space. As early as October 2020, the Organization for Democracy and Economic Cooperation, which unites Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova, announced that they would develop cooperation in the space sector. Following the discussion, the participating parties gave a positive assessment of the prospects for joint work in this area and decided to set up a working group to prepare for the implementation of the creation of the space agency headquartered in Kyiv. One of the Agency’s main tasks was to be “the creation of independent access to space for partners, the creation of a regional satellite constellation and joint participation in global space exploration projects.”

As reported EAD daily exactly one year ago, 16 July 2021, former Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Kirill Luchinsky recorded a video message to Elon Musk. In it he stated that the republic should be included in the exploration of space and Mars, and also asked him to provide the Moldovans with jobs during the colonization of this planet.

“From the information available to us, you are focused on developing a technical solution to get people to Mars and into space. Therefore, a logical question arises: who will meet them there, host them, build new infrastructure , etc.? ” Luchinsky turned to Musk.

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