Moon explosion and invisibility mantle: what the Pentagon spent millions of dollars on

25 April 2022, 08:52

The Pentagon sponsored the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) for several years, during which mysterious experiments were performed with an invisibility mantle and anti-gravity devices. Yamal-Media talks about the mysterious Pentagon program and its goals.

Pentagon project

The secretive US Department of Defense AATIP, or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, was funded by the military. Each year, it was spent on $ 22 million, which came from taxpayers’ pockets.

The AATIP project lasted from 2007 to 2012. But it was not until 2017, when the former program director left the Pentagon, that the public became aware of him. Much of the science fiction research was done by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a private company, Life reported. The office is run by Robert Bigelow, a friend of Senator Harry Reid, who was heavily involved in the creation of AATIP.


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Reid is a pretty interesting character. For example, he bought the famous Skinwalker Ranch, where there were rumors of paranormal events. The senator did not want the AATIP research to be known. But in 2020, he changed his mind and admitted that the Pentagon hides a lot from people. A year later, Reid was gone.

There are currently 38 AATIP documents available online, which include nearly 1,600 pages of reports, proposals, contracts and notes. We offer to consider the most unusual of them.

The mantle of invisibility

Even science fiction writers can envy the authors of the research. So, for example, in one of the documents called Invisibility Cloaking: Theory and Experiments (“Invisibility Cloak: Theory and Experiments”), researchers described the process of creating a transparent shell around a person, creating the illusion that light passes through empty space.

The documents described another system of invisibility. It was intended to work with the help of microwave ovens and optical cloaking devices. However, these studies stopped because the devices could refract light rays of a certain frequency. That is, only one color will be masked, and everything else will be visible.

moon explosion

This strange research did not end there. In a report on “negative mass motion”, the authors proposed a plan to search for extremely light metals in the center of the moon, which may be “100,000 times lighter than steel, but still have the strength of that metal.” Access to the center of the moon, according to the report, takes place through a tunnel created by a thermonuclear explosion.

But scientists have apparently forgotten that inside the moon the temperature reaches tens of thousands of degrees, and there is no strong evidence that deposits of unique metals are in its depth.


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Despite this, the document describes how many explosions are required to get to the center of the moon.

Warp gear and wormhole

The program discussed the use of warp devices that control the structure of space-time. It has been mentioned that within the solar system it is theoretically possible to travel faster than the speed of light by means of a warp operation. To do this, it is necessary to combine visible matter with positive mass with negative “exotic” matter, which, as American scientists assume, exists.


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This allows you to bend space and time and create a bubble inside which you can fly out into space travel at breakneck speed. Although the study of warp gear is not so secret. NASA and the Lyndon Johnson Space Center work openly with warp technology.

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