MTU students share holiday travel tips during the pandemic

Could the COVID-19 pandemic be an opportunity? Michigan Tech students benefit from the opportunity to learn.

Kinesiology professor and host of MTU Covid Town Hall, Stephen Elmer challenged students in the field to create a resource center from trusted sources. The project benefited people both on and off campus. Especially as families and students are preparing to travel during the holidays.

Over the past two years, Hawke said, not only has there been a pandemic, there has been information on.

Information about the virus changes as scientists learn more. The non-dissemination of information on social media also spread. She said that with the guidance of her professors like Elmer and Professor Kelly Cam, the students brought safety tips and resources together in one place for local residents.

It is recommended that those planning travel for the Christmas and New Year holidays follow the Four W’s of MTU to navigate safely in the pandemic; These are: wear a mask, wash your hands, monitor the distance you travel in public, and walk or engage in physical activity.

The student group also suggests taking the test before leaving for your destination, and getting a test when you arrive. Western UP’s Department of Health is establishing test sites at 821 Water St and at 303 Baraga Ave. in L’Anse. The 821 Water Street location is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 303 Baraga will only be open on Mondays from 10am to 3pm.

In the previous three Covid reports from the Ministry of Health as of December 1St, 8yand 15y. The five-county area has recorded 283, 266 and 216 cases, respectively. The trend of the number of Covid cases was declining during December after a sharp rise in the number of cases. Although the Omicron variant and ever-changing knowledge of the new breed has emerged in the last week, taking holiday precautions can help the community resist further spread throughout the region.

According to an article in NPR early this morning, in newly released figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Omicron variant is now the dominant strain across the country, accounting for 73.8% of cases. This morning, Governor Whitmer held his first COVID-19 briefing since June. The public is suggested to wear a face covering indoors and outdoors in crowded places for anyone over two years of age. Yesterday, the Michigan Department of Health reported 13,999 new cases and 160 deaths in three days. The state is showing precautions at the moment with the hospital system already under severe strain and emerging from its recent delta rise over the past few months.

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