NATO declares space as a separate area of ​​operation | News from Germany about world events | DW

NATO intends to recognize space as a separate area of ​​operation together with land, as well as air, sea and cyberspace. This was announced by Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance at a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday 19 November. He expects NATO foreign ministers to agree on a decision at their meeting on 20 November.

Such a move would clearly show that the alliance continues to strengthen its deterrent and defense, Stoltenberg added. The Secretary General of NATO highlighted the growing importance of space for the Alliance’s operations and missions.

The Alliance does not intend to place weapons in space

The recognition of space as a separate area of ​​operation will make it possible to consider possible space data attacks in the light of the principle of collective security – as attacks on land, in the air, at sea and in cyberspace have so far been considered, dpa bureau notes. At the same time, the alliance “does not intend to place weapons in space”, Stolbenberg emphasized.

In June, NATO developed its first space strategy. Russia, China and India have also announced that they are expanding their space capabilities. Back in June 2018, US President Donald Trump instructed the Department of Defense to begin the formation of a military space force.

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